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As first-time parents, one of our priorities is to find ways on how to improve our breast milk production. After all, we want nothing but to provide the right amount of nourishment to our little one.

Among the ways to do this is to incorporate different foods in your diet. As such, we’re here to introduce you to the best foods that help produce breast milk.

10 Lactogenic Foods to Increase Breast Milk Production

Whole grains, your best friend

foods to increase breast milk whole grains

Whole grains are great for breastfeeding mothers for a number of reasons. It contains nutrients and fiber that can significantly increase breast milk. 

Whole grains that are also lactogenic foods:

  • Oats – which contain lots of beta-glucan
  • Barley – which is rich in beta-glucan and prolactin-increasing substances
  • Whole wheat – also rich in beta-glucan and other lactogenic substances
  • Brown rice – which is gluten-free, making it a great replacement of white rice

Salmon and its role in nourishing you and your child

Salmon is a great source of vitamins D and B12, omega-3, and DHA. All of which can contribute not only to the increase of breast milk supply but also the development of the baby and the mom’s mental health as it is known that B12 and omega-3 can help prevent postpartum depression.

The best way to cook salmon is to make sure that it doesn’t burn. If it does, you’re letting all the beneficial nutrients go to waste. Instead of grilling it, you can broil it to ensure that it doesn’t dry out. Moist salmon is best.

Legumes and beans increase breast milk production

Legumes and beans should be consumed more often, not only by breastfeeding mothers. They provide iron and fiber, but they are more known for being one of the best sources of proteins, making it a great alternative for meat. They don’t contain cholesterol and they have chemicals that regulate hormones.

There are different types of legumes you can explore. There are also different soaking techniques to bring out the desired consistency. They can be prepared as puree and soup. You can also easily add them to your salads to give it a healthy twist. Be creative with your legumes and beans, you’ll be surprised at what you can do with them.

Look for apricots

Another food that I recommend to all breastfeeding mothers is apricots. If you’re worried about your breast milk supply, this is the fruit to turn to because it is known to increase prolactin. It also contains other nutrients. You would want to avoid canned apricots that contain syrup. Fresh ones always have the most benefits.

Carrots the common food item you want

lactogenic foods carrots

This common food item is known for its high vitamin A content. Eating it raw will also improve your lactation. What makes carrots great is you can find them anywhere.

Bitter gourd, you need it

Most people would avoid bitter gourd. But when they say the healthiest food taste the worst, they’re kind of right. It is good for keeping the mother hydrated. And of course, it helps you increase your milk supply.

Almonds as snack

Almonds are many people’s favorite snack. It is delicious and contains a lot of nutrients such as omega-3. It stands out from other nuts because it has polyunsaturated fats. Another amazing thing about it is it can improve milk supply.


Chickpea contains lots of protein, fiber, vitamin B complex, and calcium. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, you’d want to include this food item in your regular grocery list.

Tofu and make it a favorite

We all know that tofu is packed with health benefits. The healthiest people we know love them and it’s for a reason. They contain calcium and other minerals that improve breast milk production.

Moderate amounts of garlic

increase breast milk production garlic

We know that garlic is used in preventing lots of diseases. But did you know that if you incorporate this into your diet while breastfeeding, your milk supply will improve? This can be attributed to both its properties and smell. You see, babies love its smell and following the supply-and-demand rule of breastfeeding, the more your baby feeds, the more your body will produce milk.

There you go. These are the 10 lactogenic foods to increase breast milk. Do you have anything more to add to the discussion, recipes you want to share, and so many more? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment! Good luck, supermom!