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It’s very hard to buy a gift, right?

Regardless of the occasion: a birthday, wedding, Christmas party, or baby shower. It’s just so hard to find something that will certainly impress the receiver.

Will baby clothes be enough? Is it okay to give them diapers?

There are a lot of guides telling us how we should choose these gifts. Among the recurring factors included in them are practicality and aesthetic value. In this list, we are going to focus on the former without leaving the latter totally out of the picture.

The most popular baby gifts for showers

1. Strollers

Among the most popular baby gifts for girls and boys, strollers come first on our list. They always show up in the baby shower gift registry because they’re one of the things parents need to buy early in their parenthood years.

What we have in mind is the Graco Modes Travel System. When it comes to usefulness, nothing beats this 3 in 1 stroller system. It’s not just an excellent infant stroller, it can also be used as a seat carrier and a toddler stroller. 

The most popular gifts for showers: Graco Modes Travel System

You also should stop squinting your eyes in suspicion regarding its price because it’s very affordable at $349.99. You might also want to visit their website now. Who knows? You just might get a generous discount. *wink*

2. Wicker Basket

Remember when Moses’ mother had the brilliant plan of putting him in a wicker basket to save him from the Pharaoh’s soldiers who were out to kill any baby boy born to the Israelites? What a brilliant plan, right? 

Also called the Moses basket, the wicker basket is among the most useful items when it comes to taking care of the baby. For this baby shower gift, you might want to check out the Twisted Fur Moses Basket by Tadpoles

Twisted Fur Moses Basket

It’s comfortable, it’s portable, and it doesn’t have a lot going on, which can sometimes be a good thing. At $76.99, you can conveniently look it up on Amazon.

3. Nursery Critter Towels: One of the most common baby shower gifts but it’s nonetheless useful

I believe it in the deepest corners of my heart that a baby can never have too many critter towels. It’s cute and useful? Need I say more?

The world is abundant in nursery critter towels but what we recommend is the Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel by Clover & Sage. What we love about this critter towel is its soft material. It’s a bestseller and parents love it because it gives just the coziness babies need. 

Baby Shower Gifts: Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

You can find this critter towel on the Clover & Sage website for only $24.99. 

4. Growth Chart

What most parents realize a little too late is how amazing it would have been if they’d kept track of their children’s growth. Imagine looking at a child’s growth chart and thinking how it was just yesterday when they were not more than 3ft and now, they’re just as tall or even taller than you? 

Dr Seuss Growth Chart

The Dr. Seuss growth chart from Trend Labis absolutely a good option. At only $19.75, you can already get the perfect present. It also features a timeless theme that’s suitable for the baby as well as the parents. You might also want to visit their website as there are a lot of available designs to choose from.

Parents tend to get busy with all the most essential stuff that they totally overlook these details. As a friend, it is your responsibility to remind them of the other things that equally matter.

5. Bib and Burp Set

A bib and burp set is also one useful item. Over the course of taking care of the baby, especially for first-time parents, they will find themselves wishing they had more bibs. It’s just like the critter towels, you can’t just have too many of them.

popular baby gifts for showers: Safari 3 piece

An excellent bib and burp set are from Little Me. Their Safari 3-piece set is a must-have because of its material and secure design. Its classic look also makes it suitable for any gender. It’s affordable at $16.00 and I’ve heard that if it’s your first purchase on their website, you can avail of their discount.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Gifts that you won’t usually find in the baby shower gift registry:

6. Baby Grooming Kit

Needless to say, a baby grooming kit is a very practical gift given that it contains everything needed in ensuring proper hygiene for the baby—from a toothbrush to nail cutters specially designed for their tiny, delicate nails and hands.

baby grooming kit Mile Hi Baby

The baby grooming kit from Mile Hi Baby is an excellent choice given that it has all the essentials tightly and securely packed in a bag. Every item has its designated place, making it organized. You can purchase it on Amazon at $30.00.

7. Labor and Delivery Kit

Baby showers are not only limited to cute stuff for the baby, but it can also be for the mom too. To modify the famous adage, “Happy mommy, happy baby.”

Belly Bandit Ultimate Labor and Delivery Kit

The best kit we can find in the market is from Belly Bandit. Their Ultimate Labor & Delivery Kit has it all, just as its name suggests. At $69.95, it has a therapy oil, hand cream, hand sanitizer, lactation bar, and so many others. To take a closer look at the product, you can visit this site.

Bringing a labor and delivery kit as a baby shower gift shows how much you care for your friend. It is the epitome of modern baby shower ideas. It’s not only a practical move, but it’s also very thoughtful. 

Just like any other article you can find on the Internet, this one is just a guide on what you can bring to your friend’s baby shower. The decision ultimately falls into your hands. So my final tip is this: look for the gift that will show just how much you want to help and make your friend happy. Whatever that is, I’m sure it will be highly appreciated.