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Are You Wondering How to Increase Milk Supply?

There are moments when you start to notice that your breast milk supply is running low. It is not uncommon for moms to question why this happens. There may be some factors that you do not know affects your ability to supply enough milk for your baby.

Is it that you do not have enough milk supply? Is your baby feeding less? Some factors may not be your fault. But, if you feel like you really are running low on breast milk – why?

The question is this – how to increase milk supply? Now that you have addressed the issue, let’s move forward.

Let’s start with what is causing this issue and why.

How to Increase Milk Supply – the Causes!

One of the most common factors that affect your lactation is the frequency of breastfeeding and pumping of milk. The more often you pump breast milk or breastfeed, the more your milk increases.

If you do not breastfeed or pump breast milk often, you breast milk supply will start to run low.

Breastfeeding babies are not only a day thing. Make sure that you also include feeding them at night.

There are some instances when you breastfeed and your baby cannot really feed. It could be that they cannot suck milk or they are finding it difficult to feed. The breastfeeding position can greatly affect your baby’s sucking and comfort in feeding.

Take note that you need to assure your baby is comfortable and latched properly to your nipple during breastfeeding.

Another factor is using birth control pills. Taking these pills are not one of the ways how to increase milk supply.

Some cases are found that the use of hormonal pills can affect how to increase milk supply. Or, decrease it. Some mothers may think that taking pills for hormonal imbalance can help increase breast milk, but it could be a reason for the lack of it.

If taking pills is not a problem, it should come from your doctor. Make sure that before turning to birth control pills, consult your doctor.

Other factors that would often affect breast milk supply are previous breast surgeries, vices such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages and poor nutrition on the mother’s behalf. Sometimes, the preferences of the baby is a cause – due to scheduled feedings.

Low breast milk supply is a chain of ‘cause and effect’ from different factors in Singapore.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Increase Milk Supply at Home

  1. Frequent breastfeeding. This is the easiest way to follow if you are wondering how to increase milk supply. The reason for this is that the milk production slows down when breastfeeding is not as frequent as before.

You do not have to worry. When your baby is hungry, you can nurse your baby. This maintains the flow of milk production.

  1. Drop the scheduling. You do not have to follow a schedule on when to nurse your baby. You can breastfeed as long as you are hungry.

Remember that you need to keep the milk ducts productive, or the lactogens will slow down in producing milk and decrease the supply.

  1. Sufficient rest and sleep. Remember that your body will not be able to supply or produce anything if it is not getting enough rest or sleep. Always look after yourself.

When you do not have enough rest of lack sleep, your immune system weakens. When your immune system weakens, so does your body’s productivity. Always remember, looking after yourself is how to increase milk supply.

  1. Let go of the stress! Stress will always be a factor to everything that is not good and is negative in life. Stress can definitely increase your risk of decreased milk supply. It’s the same when you feel weak during a stressful phase in your life.

Make sure you unwind and relax sometimes. Your thinking will also be a very helpful strategy when it comes to reducing stress and increasing milk supply. Look at things in a different light, in a more positive tone – you will feel less and less stressed by the minute.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right food. Drink the right stuff. Let go of unhealthy foods, drinks and lifestyle habits. Workout and sweat, and get fit inside and out. That is how to increase milk supply – eat the food you benefit from. Drink the beverages that benefit you and the baby.
  2. Hydration is key. Always make sure you get enough supply for water, too. If a baby needs milk, you also need water. You can pair water with hydrating fruits and vegetables as you wait for your next breastfeed in a few minutes.
  3. Raincheck on the bottles! Make sure you do take your time before using bottles in your breastfeeding journey with your baby. Cherish the moments that your baby is still the youngest, because this is the period in their lives that goes too fast.
  4. Make use of the breast milk storage bags! They are produced for a reason. And, this gives you a very good reason to pump more and more breast milk to keep the production going.

The breast milk storage bag is a huge help in how to increase milk supply, and it means no breast milk will ever go to waste.

There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our little angels. If you would like us to feature any subjects helpful to you, please let us know through the comments section!