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With the pandemic the world is facing today, everyone is encouraged to stay at home – doing everything at home, too. Work. Study. I think that the most confused in this situation are the kids. For sure, they’re wondering what happened to weekend outdoor activities or going to school.

The good thing is that kids can always understand if they are properly educated on what’s happening. Explain to them the current situation and what must be done in order to get help the country and the world get through it. Now the next step is to figure out what you can do to make this time at home productive and fun. To do our part, we’re here to help you come up with activities kids can do at home in Singapore!

We’ve listed below activities you can choose from depending on the preferences and personalities of the kids. These activities won’t only keep you and your kids busy. Hopefully, they will also contribute to their learning and development. 

Singapore Activities for Kids at Home

Enrol them to online programmes!

singapore activities for kids

Image From Santi Vedri, Unsplash

Classes are suspended, even the teachers are advised to stay at home. The lockdown due to the current state of the world is important in keeping the spread at the minimum. Since classes are suspended, help the kids understand that everyone is doing the best they can to make sure the virus does not infect more people and put more lives at risk. The positive side to this is they can study stuff they’re interested in! Encourage them to study so they will maintain that competitive nature towards learning.

Pro tip: the best time to study is in the morning—after breakfast or taking a bath—when the rising sun signals the calm wave of time passing by. This is to give them the sense that classes are still ongoing, only without the classroom setting.

If studying is a little too challenging for your adventurous child, there are so many other online courses that will fit their strengths. You can have The Pique Lab as a guiding partner in your child’s education. Learn more about them here!

Explore interactive programmes online or on television!

If you are having your child stare at the same learning material for more hours than they should, that will not be healthy for them. Having them learn through other learning tools is important for their mental health as well. Put on educational shows on television for them to enjoy.

The best time to let them have their favourite learning experience on the television is after testing how much they have learned from reviewing and studying. It’s rewarding when they did a job well done and get something they worked hard for in return. The best way to encourage them to love what is on the screen is to be with them, set an example that it is enjoyable and productive at the same time and show that these can be done as activities kids can do at home Singapore.

Get the kids into arts and crafts.

singapore activities for kids

Image From Dragos Gontariu, Unsplash

Yes, kids in Singapore are competitive in nature, but it goes beyond academic achievements. They too have passions they want to pursue. If you think that your kids might be interested in creative projects, you might want to get into arts and crafts for them. 

Just to give you a piece of my mind, boys and girls cannot be stereotyped, and some children may actually have their interests belonging to one field if they are just asked honestly. Give them a chance to explore their options by asking about their opinions on what crafts they are seriously interested in. 

Balance is important in kids’ growth. Encouraging them to incorporate creative pursuits in their lives may do wonders to those who have artistic inclinations. 

Here are some of the artistic activities you can do at home:

arts and crafts you can do at home

The list is just endless! My personal favourite is exploring paper art and experimenting with dolls’ clothes with kids.

Practising their skills and talents.

While it is essential to learn, they have to apply what they learn as well. Keep them focused on the things they learned, and have them practice it like it’s a piece of cake – no pressure, just fun in learning. Did they write a story? Maybe you have them convert it into a play. They can perform it in front of the family. You might want to join as part of the cast too!

Kids like the right challenge. Show them the ropes. Have them harness what they are good at, and accept that this may not always mean academically. Support their love for their own craft and see them grow.

Learn a new hobby.

Activities Kids Can Do at Home Singapore

Image From Tanaphong Toochinda

Understand that learning is a lifelong process. Education doesn’t stop the moment your kids leave school. These things are progressive, and it is something that people will continue to do no matter how old they are – or young for that matter. And part of it is the habits and hobbies we form. This home quarantine is a great chance to adopt new ones that will nurture their curiosity and productivity as they grow old. 

For example, something as simple as creating a to-do list might benefit your kid in the long run. This isn’t as serious as it sounds. In fact, it can be a fun endeavour for all of you. You might also want to introduce them to the art of note-taking so that if they have brilliant ideas or suggestions to make this lockdown more fun, they can take it down in their little notebooks. Encourage your children to learn something new. As parents, you might also learn a thing or two from them.

Again, we encourage everyone to stay home – for your family, for your friends, for your social circles and for everyone else in the world. Let’s all stay at home, so we can stay healthy! Our best way out of this is to avoid crowds and practice proper hygiene. Stay safe, everyone!

With these activities kids can do at home Singapore, we hope we have helped you with ideas in helping the lockdown be more bearable!

What’s your favourite pastime with your family? Share it to the rest of the Parenthood community!