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Coming up with awesome and unique first birthday party ideas has never been harder. It seems like everyone has already tried everything. 

As parents, we want our baby’s 1st birthday to be memorable and because of that, it has to stand out.

To help you realize your dreams for your baby, we have here 10 awesome 1st birthday party ideas that will totally leave your guests in awe. 

Baby 1st birthday ideas for girls

Charlotte’s Web/Alice in Wonderland theme

It’s also great to use literary works as baby girl first birthday themes. Charlotte’s Web and Alice in Wonderland are great examples given that these works have a lot of characters you can work with. 

charlotte's web

Image from CatchMyParty

Of course, we have Wilbur, Charlotte, and the other animals from the barn straight from the classic story by E. B. White.

1st birthday themes girl alice in wonderland

Image from CatchMyParty

We also have Alice, the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Caterpillar, etc. Even the feared Queen of Hearts can be a great addition to your attractions.

Not many people are brave enough to have these themes because their appearances can be a bit extreme. However, with effective planning and creativity, I’m sure you can make it work. 

1st Birthday Ideas for Boys

Train/Railroad-Themed Party

Train-themed party

Image from AZ Gift

A train/railroad party has everything you need for an awesome birthday party. It’s fun for the kids, the theme is timeless, and it’s versatile. 

There are a lot of things you can do with a train-themed party. You can have a giant train as the main attraction for the kids. And instead of giving out candies as party loot, you can give away mini trains that will surely excite all the mini invitees.

Space-inspired party

1st birthday ideas for boys space themed

Image from Pinterest

The stars, moon, planets, and sun are also among the things that children like. Treat your baby to a glow-in-the-dark celestial body-inspired 1st birthday party and it will surely be memorable. 

What’s also great about this theme is most of the decors are totally reusable. You can use it to decorate your child’s room, for example.

Shark-/Elephant-themed party

shark themed

Image from CatchMyParty

It’s common knowledge that you can never go wrong with animals. All the kids love them. If you can’t decide which animal to feature in your baby’s birthday party, you might want to consider the shark. 

As an adult, I’m totally scared of sharks. Who wouldn’t be after those movies that depict them as bloodthirsty monsters, right?

baby 1st birthday elephant themed

Image from CatchMyParty

Ironically enough, so many kids are fond of them. To make it more exciting, instead of the usual cone party hat, you can make the kids wear fun shark masks.

Unique First Birthday Party Ideas

Circus party


Image from PartyMojo

A circus-themed party has two things that kids love: magic tricks and awesome food. Not to mention the color theme that will surely excite your little noodle. 

Studies show that once babies start to develop their color recognition, red is among the colors they like to look at.  And what is a circus without the colors red and yellow, right?

Fruit-themed party

unique first birthday ideas fruit themed birthday

Image from Inspire

Cakes and candies are always found in parties, whether it’s for babies or for adults. And we all know why: everybody loves sweets. Now, why not tweak it a little bit? Ditch the chocolates and shortcakes just for now and have a fruit-themed party. 

Aside from being a unique and healthy 1st birthday party, it also helps your baby explore the taste of fruits. For this, you can have watermelons, kiwis, or strawberries. 

Curious George-inspired theme

If you’ve already introduced Curious George into your household, there’s a 100% chance that your baby loves him. Who doesn’t? He’s cute and lovable and the books tell a lot of great stories. 

The Curious George theme is a good party idea if you don’t want to have a lot of things going on but still want the party to be lively. To spice it up a bit, you can ask the parents of the kids invited to make them all wear yellow.

Safari party

safari party unique first birthday themes for girl and boy

Image from PartyMojo

If you’re looking for something more exciting, you can try out this cool safari party. Another theme that centers on animals, there are so many possibilities with the safari. The cute picture below shows how alive the party will be with all the safari colors. 

Pet-inspired theme

If you want a really unique 1st birthday party, try out a pet-themed one where instead of merely giving party favors, you can put stuffed toys up for “adoption”.

pet themed birthday party

Image from CatchMyParty

It also becomes more special if you have a pet in your house that you want to make the star of the day (together with your baby, of course). Pet-inspired parties don’t have to be limited to dogs. You can also feature fish, turtles, or other pets you have at home.

Owl-themed party

Owl Themed birthday party

Image from CatchMyParty

And lastly, we have the owl-themed party that can be regal, cute or anything you want. Being the symbol of wisdom, the owl is the perfect theme for your precious baby’s 1st birthday party.

Choosing the theme is just the first step of the many in ensuring the best for your baby’s 1st birthday party. However, its success depends greatly on unique and awesome ideas. Remember that nothing limits you in creating the perfect theme. It could be a modification of what we have here on the list or a combination. Anything, actually. Anything you can think of. If you have any questions, suggestions, or 1st birthday ideas for boys and girls that can help other moms and dads plan the perfect party, feel free to share below.