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Breastfeeding for new moms can be daunting. Despite our ever trusty mother instincts, there are so many things we know nothing about. How do we do things right? What are the breastfeeding tips and tricks out there?

In today’s post, we’re going to focus on you, our working moms. Breastfeeding is already hard enough as it is. Coupled with work, things can get hard; all you need is a helping hand. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

Newborn baby care tips

Before we delve into how we can make it better for you in the workplace, let’s cover the basics first. What should you do to provide them what they need more effectively?

Newborn baby care tips

Be more prepared: arrange schedules with your partner

During their first months, babies need both nourishment and rest in order to develop physically and mentally. This is why they can have a total of 16 hours of sleep per day. But we all know what the catch is: they do so in short intervals. For first time parents, this is among the hardest parts. Having a baby is such a joyful experience. But being deprived of sleep for months? Really.

Our advice: prepare yourself for it and we don’t just mean figuratively. Make preparations such as shifting schedules with your partners. As a mother, you may be the only one who can nurse them but there are options such as pumping, which allows milk to be extracted beforehand.

If you don’t want to do this and there’s no way for your partner to feed the baby in the middle of the night, you can divide the tasks such as assigning your partner to do the early morning chores so you can catch some sleep before going off to work. And speaking of sleep, one of the newborn baby care tips you wouldn’t want to miss out on is to sleep while your little one does. Try to get some sleep whenever you can.

Put the womb in mind when soothing your baby

You have an idea what goes on inside your body when your baby was still there, right? It’s cozy and comfortably tight so they sway to your movements while still relishing the security in your womb. This is what you want to mimic when your newborn comes because the truth is, there’s so much more to breastfeeding a newborn than just feeding them milk.

How can you do this?

You’d want to swaddle your baby properly so they can be cozy tight, just like in the womb. But always make sure that it isn’t too tight. It also helps if you swing them softly and hum to them as they drift back to sleep.

Tips for Successful Breastfeeding - How to Swaddle

How to Get a Good Latch: Breastfeeding Tips for Latching on

To go back to work, you need to make sure first that your baby can latch on properly. There are different ways to do this.

The most common technique of latching on is letting your baby figure it out. It starts with your baby searching for the breast. Then they start to develop and act on their instinct to suck. Your baby is the star here. However, there are things you can do to help them.

  • Ensure more skin-to-skin contact
  • Avoid forcing them to latch
  • Make sure you’re both comfortable

If all goes well, your baby will learn to latch on properly in no time.

5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding in the Workplace

Finally, we can now talk about the workplace. How can you make it easier for you and your baby?

Breastfeeding tip #1: Pick the best breast pump

Much of your pumping experience will depend on the quality of the pump you’re using. So make sure that you are getting only the best. Now, choosing one in the market may be a little tricky because one pump may work well with one mother but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same for you. The key is evaluating as many brands and models as you can. Consulting professionals can also help.

Breastfeeding tip #2: Create a schedule and stick to it

Pumping at work will be less stressful if you have a schedule you can stick to. Just take note that you’re recommended to pump every two to three hours.

Breastfeeding tip #3: Figure out where you can pump

Find the best place where you can pump. Your comfort is crucial in pumping effectively. So look for that perfect spot in the office where you can pump in peace.

Breastfeeding tip #4: Always have extra stuff

May it be wet wipes or bottles or storage containers, it’s important that you have an extra in your bag all the time.

Breastfeeding tip #5: Dress comfortably

One of the crucial parts of pumping comfortably is dressing comfortably. Take note that the workplace can only give you so much privacy. There may even be times when you need to pump unexpectedly because your milk is leaking.

Breastfeeding tip #6: Have an active support group

It will really help if you have a support group who always has your back. Of course, we’re always here to help you with your parenthood concerns but you need people in the workplace you can turn to when things go south.

Breastfeeding in the workplace may not be as easy as a walk in the park. Many times it can be overwhelming but always remember you have people to turn to. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. And don’t forget to share these tips for successful breastfeeding so that other moms will have it easier too.

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