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Becoming a mom doesn’t only mean being the bearer of a child for 9 months and delivering him on the big day. This also means you’ve signed up to be a financial analyst, nutrition expert, educator, beautician, hygienist, cook, et cetera all at the same time. And another of these responsibilities is being an effective party organizer.

On top of all the things you need to take care of on a daily basis, you are also expected to organize the best party ever. Every year. Of course, you’d do it gladly simply because you love your kids. But sometimes it can just be… overwhelming. Especially if you don’t know where to start.

I can definitely relate when it comes to having a hard time starting up creative tasks. This is why I figured it’s a good idea to help you organize the best party by giving you a list of awesome ideas you can use.

The Perfect  Birthday Party Theme

Thinking of what the theme should be taken up most of the parents’ time in planning the birthday party. This is because there are just so many ideas out there. You can have your kid’s favorite superhero or cartoon character as the main attraction. You can turn the party into their favorite movie setting. There are mascots, magicians you can hire. 

Their Hobbies

Before you reach far and wide for that perfect theme, pause for a while and look at your kid. What do they like to do when they’re at home? What is the simplest thing that brings them joy?

Is it building pretend tents or forts in their room? 

birthday party ideas for girls

Or is it writing and drawing on every surface in your home? I know most of the time it’s frustrating but just think for a while…does your kid love doing that?

You can use these hobbies as themes for their birthday party. You can organize the afternoon where your kid’s friends will be invited to have a tent adventure or you can put up a table in the yard and watch them explore their creative side by providing them with safe-for-kids art materials.

Simple but fun day in the yard

Speaking of easy (therefore, stressless), why not have a yard party? It can be like an adult pool party but for kids. If you don’t have a swimming pool, you can set up inflatable pools.

outdoor birthday party

Get the refreshments ready and invite your kid’s friends over.

What I especially love about this fun birthday party is you and the other parents can relax while watching all the kids have fun under the sun. To make it more exciting for them, you can have water-themed activities like these.

A [Slightly] Formal Tea Party

Over the years, I’ve discovered how a lot of kids love tea parties. It didn’t catch on with me when I was young and I’ve always viewed brewing and drinking tea like an adult thing. 

If your kid is among those beautiful angels who love the nuances of tea drinking, you can definitely treat them to the tea party of their dreams. 

If your kid is not so much into tea parties, you can still go with the formal setting by putting up a dinner table at the center of the room and cute decors here and there.

indoor birthday party

Celebrate it just with family

Nothing beats quality time with your loved ones. 

It doesn’t always have to be all about cakes, confetti, balloons, and decorations. Sometimes, what you just have to do is transform an ordinary night in the house into something worth remembering.

You can build a fort (all kids love that) and spend the whole night eating their favorite food and telling them their favorite stories. Or you can bring in the TV and watch cartoons all night long.

Transform the whole living room into a theatre and have a movie marathon. Or better yet, set it up outside where you can have minimal decorations to make it more special. There are a lot of things you can do to make it the best movie night at home

Grant them the wish to stay up late just this once. It may seem like an activity for teens or grownups but it just might what your kid will love.

Take it up a notch with your creativity

If you’ve already decided on a theme, what you need are things to spice up the celebration. Personally I love art stuff. So let me share with you my greatest finds under things you can do with parties.

Ice cream balloons

Balloons are one of the things that should never be missing from a party. But having them just by themselves can be a bit boring. That’s why we decorate them with drawings, glitters, etc. But instead of doing that, why not transform it into ice cream?

These DIY ice cream balloons are very easy to make and all the instructions are provided by KiwiCo. You can decorate it with sprinkles or you can paste letters on it to spell your kid’s name.


Washing cups and glasses at a party is just a nightmare. It doesn’t seem to end. People get clean ones, discard it after a few minutes, and get another. It’s honestly very frustrating but you can’t also just go up to your guests and say, “Hey, hold on to your glass, will you?” Nobody has simply done that. In my experience, at least.

To solve this problem and at the same time, add a creative flair to your kid’s party, label those cups.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that it would work on your kid guests. But no harm in trying, right? If you’ve become quite fond of it, there are other things you can put labels on.

birthday party ideas

Freeze the moment, with a twist

Hiring a professional photographer for your kid’s party is such a great idea, but sometimes, with the financial constraints we have, we end up skipping on it. Luckily for us, there’s a much more creative alternative: let the guests take their photos.

Almost all the people I know love taking photos. Set up a booth where your guests can pick up the camera and shoot a pic. However, considering this is a kid’s party, remind the kids not to play with it.

Play with the food, definitely

After your kid, and maybe the mascot if you hired one, the food is usually the next brightest star at the party. To make it more fun not just for the guests, but also for you, be creative with how you serve it.

birthday party theme

Planning events this big can sometimes make us forget why we are doing it in the first place. Remember, moms and dads, that the ultimate goal is to make your kids happy. So always go back to what it is. If you have something to share about your own experiences or questions, feel free to drop a comment below. Good luck with planning that awesome birthday party!