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Straight Question – Can Pregnant Women Eat Jackfruit or Not?

There is always a talk on what pregnant women can eat or not eat. Especially when the pregnancy needs extra caregiving, it is important to keep everything right and healthy for the mother and the baby. One of the most asked questions by people entering the parenthood life is… “can pregnant women eat jackfruit?”

This will be a little more complicated than just answering a “yes” or “no”.

Let’s start with what a jackfruit is.

A jackfruit is of the breadfruit family and is considered the “miracle fruit” because of its nutrition content. Scientifically known as the Artocarpus heterophyllus, the jackfruit is one of the fruits that are very rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy.

The jackfruit has a soft, yellowish flesh that even its seeds are edible. Some countries in Asia use the seeds as a good ingredient in dishes such as the Jackfruit Seed Curry and the Med Kanoon or Jackfruit Seed dessert in Thailand.

Jackfruits are rich in fibre, they are great antioxidants and they also give great nutrients for the eyes. They are one of the rare fruits on your favorite list, but it is definitely not called a miracle fruit for nothing.

“Can pregnant women eat jackfruit?” Now, why is this even a question?

Jackfruits are said to be high in heat content, and pregnant women are advised to avoid any fruits with high heat content.

Other fruits that are considered hot fruits are mangoes, apples, and oranges. These fruits can upset the stomach, which is why it is usually advised to consume at a lower rate than other fruits. But, is this the only reason why pregnant women are weary of the jackfruit?

Let’s Go Back to the Question – Can Pregnant Women Eat Jackfruit or Not?

After you have eaten a jackfruit while you’re pregnant, are you wondering if a sign or symptom is the effect of eating the jackfruit?

Just like everything else, there are two sides to a leaf.

The benefits to the question can pregnant women eat jackfruit is;

   Jackfruit is good for digestion and the stomach. It helps get rid of the sensitivity to food. It is also a good way to help ease ulcers.

   There are numerous vitamins and minerals that pregnant women can get from eating jackfruits. The nutrients pregnant women can get from jackfruits are very beneficial for the baby’s growth and development in the womb.

   The jackfruit is good for the immunity of the mother, since it contains Vitamin C that helps them get rid of the colds and other viruses that will be bad for them.

   Jackfruit is rich in iron and zinc, which can be beneficial for expecting mothers if consumed in small amounts.

Note that the benefits of the jackfruit is limited to the standard and normal consumption. Too much of anything is always harmful.

can pregnant women eat jackfruit

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The Dark Side of the Jackfruit

During pregnancy and if you have issues with the blood, it is important to be aware of the side effects of eating jackfruit. It may cause coagulation. And, this is very dangerous for the mother and the baby.

Now, what is coagulation? Have you ever heard of blood clots? That’s it. Coagulation is when the blood may solidify from its liquid state. Pregnancy and your health during this period is very important. Especially if you have a history of any blood-related health issues in the past, it would be best to avoid this fruit as much as you can.

Your first trimester is always the most critical period during your pregnancy. The critical level lessens as

On a more positive note, there is no proper scientific study that proves the negative effects of eating jackfruit. But, it would be better to play safe and avoid the fruit for a while.

This is what makes the question, “can pregnant women eat jackfruit?” a little more difficult to answer. There are no concrete evidence that can justify if jackfruits are good or bad for pregnant women.

People who are also allergic to birch pollen may possibly be allergic to jackfruit. Avoid eating jackfruit if you are allergic to birch pollen. If you have, please set an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

If you will be eating jackfruit anytime soon, make sure that you have taken into consideration your health. Disclose any health issues to your doctor so they make a proper diagnosis whether you will be allowed to eat jackfruit or not.

Disclaimer: There are still no found studies of concrete data regarding the concern can pregnant women eat jackfruit. For emergencies, make sure you have your doctor on speed dial.

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