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After carrying your baby for nine months, the day finally came to welcome him or her into the world. Ever since it has been a wild ride for you. You’ve encountered a lot of new things and felt emotions that you’ve never encountered before. That’s what it means to be a first-time parent. You get to experience a whole new world. You can even go as far as feeling you’re a completely different person. 

Your baby is healthy, he or she is receiving a sufficient amount of breast milk, everything is going right. What now?

After having your baby, there must be a lot of questions running in your mind. One of them is whether or not you can get pregnant while breastfeeding.

This topic is for those who are planning to have another baby or those who want to tap on the contraceptive properties of breastfeeding. So let’s answer some important questions about breastfeeding and fertility, shall we?

Can breastfeeding prevent pregnancy?

Yes, but with certain conditions.

LAM or Lactational Amenorrhea Method is a popular method of birth control that new mothers use. It focuses on the period of infertility that occurs after giving birth. However, for you to apply LAM, you must know much more than the absence of menstruation while lactating.

For instance, it’s important that your baby is six months old or younger. Although it can go on longer than that, this 6-month period is your best bet. Another criteria that must be met is the occurrence of a menstrual period. If you’ve already had your period after giving birth, LAM is less likely to take effect. However, a menstrual period shouldn’t be mistaken for vaginal postpartum bleeding and spotting, which can last up to 6 months. And lastly, you must be breastfeeding full-time. Remember that the L in LAM stands for Lactational. Which tells us that the effectiveness of the method depends on lactating.

Tips for getting pregnant while breastfeeding

With this set of criteria, we know that there’s a big chance that you’re going to get pregnant even if you’re breastfeeding. If this is your goal, what should know on regaining fertility while breastfeeding?

One of the ways you can try out is undergoing breastfeeding changes. You can do a bit of a change in your pattern, for example. Stopping breastfeeding to get pregnant again is a fairly common method. This can give your fertility a boost and in no time, you’re back on your regular menstrual period. 

Breastfeeding and pregnancy at the same time

Breastfeeding and pregnancy at the same time

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The question here is what if you do get pregnant, can you continue breastfeeding your child way until toddlerhood?

Yes. There’s what we call the tandem nursing where the mother is nursing both the toddler and the newborn baby. Moms who do this experience a number of benefits. One is tandem nursing has been found out to improve milk production. Remember that the amount of milk depends highly on demand. Another benefit is providing your children with the wondrous nutrients of breast milk. The bond between the two can also strengthen. We’re all familiar with the scenario where the older child gets jealous of the new baby because the latter seems to be getting all the attention. This breastfeeding technique will minimise the chances of that happening.

To recap, breastfeeding can be used as a birth control method but under specific circumstances. It’s also very possible to get pregnant while lactating. So there you go, parents. I hope you learned something new from this article. If you have any questions or if there’s something you’d like to share with other parents out there, don’t hesitate to leave a message below.