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What is circumcision and why is it important? What are the benefits of circumcision to males?

We all know that men – as babies or young kids – undergo circumcision. Despite this fact, it is not uncommon for males to get circumcised when they are already adults in Singapore.

Circumcision is the process of cutting the thick skin that covers the penis all the way to its tip. It is a must!

While some parents encourage their sons for circumcision due to religious beliefs, there are hygienic benefits to this traditional practice that most people are not aware of.

Circumcision in Singapore is very important – it helps in many health benefits – this includes eliminating possibilities of inflammation and urinary tract infections. It is also a sign of good hygiene for boys to be circumcised. 

There is also a reduced risk for cancer, and build-up of dirt in the genital area of the men.

When a male is not circumcised, dirt accumulates between the penis and the foreskin. This may lead to an infection or inflammation.

Children in Singapore who are not yet circumcised and are not aware of these risks may even have to undergo an even serious surgery.

When should circumcision be done? What is the best age to get circumcision?

Most parents in Singapore choose a time between the date of birth  and year eight (8) of their sons to be circumcised. What is important is that the boy is ready for circumcision when they can start thinking for themselves.

As mentioned before, there are some parents who decide to have their sons circumcised for hygienic reasons.

Cases of being admitted to the hospital for late circumcision is not uncommon at all when it comes to circumcision in Singapore. There are children who undergo surgery because of inflammation and serious dirt build-up that lead to pus. It is not a good experience because this will cause painful urination for the boy.

When you have decided when, make sure to consult the doctor when you are booking for an appointment for circumcision.

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What are the preparations that must be done before the surgery?

Make sure that your son has eaten and is well hydrated before the surgery. Always make sure your son is ready before confirming the appointment for circumcision.

This is to assure that your son’s nerves are controllable. Children panic when they feel threatened, and this may not always go well for parents. Your child’s blood sugar may rise. Your son might faints – for the fear of circumcision and the lack of sleep. Make sure they take a bath and eat well before the surgery.

Assure that the child is also well-bathed for the surgery. This is to assure the proper hygiene and examine of your son before the circumcision takes place.

Does it hurt? Is circumcision done only once in a lifetime?

Circumcision hurts, let’s all be honest here! It is said that the penis is bruised and swelling for a few days. Anything that comes in contact with it may be painful. No matter how light the touch may be, it will hurt.

The good news is… circumcision is only once in a lifetime. It does not even last that long.

There are times when the child is very stressed that it may lead to mild fevers. Always make sure that your son is well-taken care of. Drinking plenty of healthy fluids may help in keeping the inflammation and fevers away. The doctor may also prescribe needed medications for your son.

Keep in mind that skin was cut – that is not little pain. It will hurt a lot!

After circumcision, what are some tips to avoid pain, discomfort or infections?

One of the best things to do is take painkillers to ease the pain and antibiotics to make sure the open wound does not get infected. You can ask your doctor for further advice on the medication they can take. As mentioned before, your doctor can prescribe the needed medication for your son. 

A warm dip for a bath is also a good idea to deal with the discomfort. It helps with better blood flow, reduce the swelling and kills off bad bacteria that may be the cause of an infection after circumcision.

As for infections, in order to avoid them all the way, always make sure that the wound is cleaned and dry all the time. It is important that the wound is able to “breathe” and heal on its own. Always make sure that the clothes your son wears for the lower part of his body are loose material. 

Make sure that your son changes clothes everyday, to keep the healthy hygiene  of the body despite being newly circumcised. It is also best to have your son get plenty of rest when he can.

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What more can be said?

Circumcision can be a very stressful period in your son’s life. Just make sure to be there for them. They may get cranky because of discomfort and pain. Your patience would be highly appreciated!

Sit down with your son and talk. Help them understand why circumcision in Singapore is important for their health.

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