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piano lessons Singapore

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Both the beauty of skill and talent, pianists and the mastery of the art has awed people of many ages. Some are born with the passion to pursue music, but only a few have the drive to actually acquire piano lessons Singapore.

It is easy for people to say they would like to learn how to play musical instruments, have their children do the same. 

Sometimes, nothing happens because they quit. They may say it is a hassle to drop their kids off to their piano lessons, they’re too busy to learn themselves or they simply lose interest.

When your children are music enthusiasts, you have to be sure what they like to learn. Help and support them keep their passion burning for their chosen instrument. Be there in every step of the way.

If your child sets their minds on playing the piano, you will need to be a source of inspiration and motivation to help them continue playing.

Setting Your Standards for Piano Lessons Singapore

Promising Instructors and Mentors

It is a good way of keeping your standards in check when it comes to your child’s piano lessons in Singapore. One best way is to know the teacher behind your child’s education. Always keep the happiness of learning, but keep the education of your child’s passion on top of the game. Who else can teach the best but the best?

Observe Good Products

When you have your prospective instructors, would you not want to see how their current and former students are doing with the skills they have acquired and learned? The students will be the representation of how good an instructor is teaching and sharing their knowledge.

Fish for  Reviews

The reviews of the children enrolled in piano lessons and the parents’ opinions are important to finding the perfect instructor for your child. Always remember that the best reviews come from only two extremes – from clients who got the best, and from clients who got the worst.

List Recommendations

It is best to keep track of the piano teachers recommended to you. This will give you a good view when you do your research and conduct interviews.

Convenient Services

One of the best things about piano lessons is it could be very flexible, especially when you have your own piano at home. Your child can attend the studio of the teacher or take the lessons at home. That is why it is a huge plus if the teacher or instructor is flexible and offers these kinds of services.

10 Top Piano Lessons Singapore

  1. The Happy Pianist, +65-9112-7056 (5.0)
    The Happy Pianist offers you the convenience of finding the teacher than can give you the perfect piano lessons according to your preferences and needs. You will be able to get your confirmation of a piano lesson teacher within 24 hours of your application.
    475 Pasir Ris Drive 6, Singapore 510475
  2. Play By Ear Music School, +65-6338-7939 (3.9)
    The Play By Ear Music School has been providing piano lessons in Singapore since 2003. In terms of experience, they have witnessed the growth and success of the students that have stayed with them. They continue to do so till this day. They believe that what they do is important with professionalism, the betterment of their students and the improvement of talent and skills.
    245B Victoria St., Bugis Village, Singapore 188032
  3. Forte Music Training, +65-9111-6321 (5.0)
    Ms. Dorothy Chia has been offering piano lessons in Singapore for more than 20 years. Ms. Dorothy finds the inspiration to teach piano skills to everyone who has the curiosity, is hardworking and want to genuinely learn and master playing the piano. Feedback and recommendations are back-to-back with former and new students that love how she handles the piano lessons.
    18, Leicester Road, Singapore 358847
  4. Josephine Koh Piano Academy, +65-6468-7570 (4.3)
    Josephine Koh Piano Academy collaborates with different schools to present piano lessons in Singapore. It is in the academy’s best interest to give the best of education and lessons for everyone who wants to learn music and the piano.
    29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831
  5. Piano Teacher Evelyn Lim, +65-9665-6685 (5.0)
    Teacher Evelyn Lim has been inspiring and demonstrating great techniques in giving piano lessons in Singapore. She has motivated and encouraged her students to improve and excel in their love for piano and music.
    Blk, 238 Compassvale Walk, Singapore 540238
  6. Singapore Piano Teacher, Ms Liew, +65-9699-3214
    Miss Liew has been giving pianos for nine years. She has implemented simple and easy to learn instructions, techniques and lessons for everyone who has found a love for music and piano. She has believed that this generation needs motivation and encouragement with the things they are passionate about; so when it comes to piano lessons, it is important to give people an insight to the beauty and simplicity of the piano lessons.
    335 Sembawang Cl, #05-459, Singapore 750335
  7. Jazz Piano School, +65-6336-9886 (5.0)
    The best thing about Jazz Piano School is that the piano lessons are led by stage performers and professional educators. One of the objectives and goals of Jazz Piano school is to provide piano lessons in Singapore that encourage everyone to learn, enjoy the experience and motivate each other to fulfill the thirst of being great at playing.
    1 Coleman St., Singapore 179803
  8. Piano at Home SG, Classes with Simon, +65-8515-7013 (5.0)
    Simon offers various lessons that would meet the standards of kids, teens and adults. It is important that there is a sense of fulfillment in learning. Especially in piano lessons, to fully absorb and learn everything by heart, passion and dedication is important. Simon will always start from the basics to the advanced lessons.
    Choa Chu Kang Street 62, Block 602, Singapore 680602
  9. Replugged Music School, +65-6337-0250 (5.0)
    The students who have been with Replugged Music School have always love the school of music. And, they have been around for more than 15 years. The school focuses on teaching music, and offer different classes including piano lessons in Singapore.
    249B Victoria Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 188034
  10. Presto Studios, +65-9695-1830 (4.9)
    The Presto Studios knows that when you love music, there is no unloving music. The studio believes in the potential of an individual music lover, and how music can make an impact in the lives of those who pursue it. Ms. Janic Ong started Presto Studios in hope that everyone who pursues music will find themselves in the journey. They also offer piano lessons in Singapore for beginners and intermediate students.
    7 Flora Drive, Singapore 507012

Learning how to play the piano is both easy and hard. It is easy in terms of knowing your passion and determination to learn. It is hard in terms of making sure you have the discipline to continue and master the skill.

Is there anything else you would like to learn regarding piano lessons Singapore? Tell us what you think through commenting on the post. Keep smiling!