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Your child has the dream of being the best piano player in the world! They work hard and show the passion and dedication to learn. Yet, one thing worries you… their piano teacher Singapore.

It is normal for every parent to worry about their children’s education and if they are actually learning. As a parent, it would break your heart if your slowly loses their interest in learning and mastering what they love. 

The influence of a teacher and their encouragement is what would keep the passion growing and motivation flowing for their students.This is why it is important to make sure you find the piano teacher Singapore who will be great for your child’s professional growth and development.

piano teacher Singapore

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How to Find the Perfect Piano Teacher Singapore for Your Child

Interview Prospects

Interviewing the prospective teachers will have a better edge for you to analyze them as people. Interviewing in person is important to creating better judgment of character, and it would be easier to tell if someone is pretending or lying.

Character Assessment

Character is everything in finding the perfect piano teacher. This is to avoid unknown abuses against your child. In personal interviews, you can notice if a teacher is genuinely kind and patient, you can know by interviewing them.

It is also appropriate to interview the person you will be associating with your child. They will also need to have the same drive, the same passion and the same wavelength. This way, you will know your child will be under a care that will help support their dreams.


Giving an audition to the prospective teachers will be a great way for them to showcase their skills and talents. Of course, if you want your child to be the best, they have to be taught by the best as well.

Talk to Your Child

Ask them what they think about a prospective piano teacher Singapore. Dig deeper to know who they like, who seems like a kindred spirit in learning the piano.

Meeting a Piano Teacher, Singapore

1. The Happy Pianist
+6591127056 /

The Happy Pianist help piano students find their best suitable piano teachers in Singapore, in 24 hours of less, for Free! No hidden charges, no administration fee, no admin fee.

2. Piano With Jie Ying

Liew Jie Ying have been teaching the piano since 2008. Besides teaching, she do accompaniments regularly as well. She have rich experiences with accompaniment for other instrumentalists or vocalists for ABRSM/Trinity Exams, Music Elective Programme Exams, Auditions, Concerts and Competitions etc.

3. Piano With Mrs Monica

For the past 30 years, Ms Monica has been giving piano and theory lessons to kids, youths, and adults, as well as group classes for children as young as 3 years old.

Ms Monica received her Licentiate Trinity College of Music in Teaching (LTCL) in 1989, and has gone on to be a piano teacher to countless number of students. She taught at Yamaha Music School for 10 years, where many of her students achieved Merit and Distinctions for their ABRSM graded exams.

4. Piano With Mrs Candice

Miss Joyce was a piano performer, and is a licensed and qualified piano teacher Singapore. She is a very good piano teacher, seeing her students succeed every time. She has been a piano teacher for years, and still have the patience and cheerfulness she has always had.

Always think about your child when you are looking for their piano teacher. It is important that they are comfortable and confident about their mentors. Learning how to play is already a challenge, may their piano teacher Singapore not be one of the weight on their shoulders.

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