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The busy life is something that no one can avoid – it is inevitable. Will the memoirs of childhoods ever be about being busy? Children are growing up, parents are getting old – when will people start cherishing the present? These days, both parents work – moms and dads have careers, moms and dads have a busy schedule. It’s time for a family outing!

It is just right that the whole family needs quality time together! Family outings are one of the best stress-relievers that anyone could have. Would you like to know an awesome place to go to?

You are just in luck – it’s time to have fun the Sentosa Island way!

Why Sentosa Island is Perfect for a Family Outing

Sentosa Island is a man-made island that is filled with adventure activities and fun experiences to explore. Enjoy the panoramic view on the twelve-minute cable car trip to Sentosa Island – which is in the south of Singapore.

The attractions and activities you can explore in Sentosa Island includes the Universal Studios Singapore and the Resorts World, Sentosa. One of the popular attractions is the Merlion Sentosa – the well-known icon of Singapore!

Sentosa Island is a “state” where all the fun, excitement and education for the family is! It is a great place to spend a special day with the family.

The Juicy Spots for the Family Outing

  • Resorts World, Sentosa

Tickets: Prices starts at S$40.00

Resorts World in Sentosa is the perfect entertainment destination for a family outing because it’s the little Neverland of fun and adventure. It has the excitement for all the kids, and the relaxation and luxury for mothers and fathers! There is a fun mix of cuisines to indulge in – take on Japanese, Chinese and Italian specialties! Get a taste of all the makes on food of famous celebrity chefs. The customer assistance and service is exceptional.

    • Adventure Cove Waterpark
    • Universal Studios Singapore
    • S.E.A. Aquarium
    • Fort Siloso and Fort Siloso: Skywalk

Tickets: Prices Starts at S$0.00

Relive and witness the 19th century of Singapore on your family outing through visiting Fort Siloso. Snap those photographs as the whole family walks through Fort Siloso and the skywalk. Take on the whole experience of historical Singapore when you remember the trading port. Go back in time through the Heritage and Gun Trail and the military structures of a time long ago.

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Image From RWSentosa

  • iFly

Tickets: Prices Starts at S$69.00

Experience indoor skydiving and enjoy the flight of your life! Kids, teenagers and adults can experience the amazing jump and soar of the iFly. There are packages for first timers, training phases and professional skydivers to choose from.

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Image From Timeout SG

  • KidZania

Tickets: Prices Starts at S$69.00

KidZania is a great way for children to explore role playing.In role playing, they will be able to practice their favorite careers and acquire insight on their dream professions. It is also a great way to enhance their intelligence in different areas.

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Image From Boarding Pass Journeys

  • Madame Tussauds

Tickets: Prices Starts at S$22.00

Have you ever wondered about how certain characters look like? At Madame Tussauds, you can see your favorite wax celebrities up close! Snap those photos and show everyone your family outing with everyone’s favorite celebrities.

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Image From Thrillophilia

  • Mega Adventure Park

Tickets: Prices Starts at S$15.00

This is a blast to the family outing! You can enjoy ziplines, adventure courses and dropzone for the extremity seekers in the family. There are trained and professional staff that can help the whole family get through the courses and experience the best they can!

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Image From Headout Blog

  • Singapore Cable Car: Sky Network

Tickets: Prices Starts at S$8.00

Take the breathtaking trip on the cable car to Sentosa and Faber Peak! The scenery will just take your breath away with the high trip from the hilltop, through the skyscraper and off to your destination. It is an enjoyable ride for the whole family!

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Image From Shout SG

Other attractions you should not miss out on:

  • AJ Hackett Sentosa
  • Palawan (Palawan has islets and playgrounds)
  • VivoCity
  • Merlion Sentosa
  • Wave House Sentosa

What are free and discounted activities on Sentosa Island?

Experience Fort Siloso and their Skywalk!

  • Take a trip down memory lane at your own cost! Here you will witness the historical Singapore – looked after for Singapore’s culture preservation.

Watch out for the “Buy-2-Get-1-Free!” promotion.

  • There are some attractions and events at Sentosa that give promotions whenever you buys two tickets and get one for free or at 50% off. Some promotions have 50% off for every purchased ticket. Make sure you plan the family outing like a boss by looking through Sentosa Island’s promotions and advertisements from time to time.

Explore Palawan Beach!

  • Walk the amazing beach and sit by the palms of Singapore’s Palawan. It’s a great place to rest for the family and witness sceneries that you do not always have in front of you!

Time for a view of Merlion Magic Lights at night!

  • We all know the legendary icon, but have you witnessed it yourself at night? Make sure you absorb the amazing sight of Merlion’s lights and magical feels!

Waves + Movies + Evenings = Perfection!

  • Make sure you give the outdoor movies by the beach a try! Remember that it’s free and a whole new experience. Being away from the city and inhaling the outdoor air is an experience that does not always come by whenever you want to.

Palawan Beach Mega Play Area!

  • There are seasons when there are amazing courses of inflatables to enjoy at Palawan Beach! Check Sentosa for their events and make sure to catch their next inflation for a fun family outing!

Picture taking throughout the Sentosa Island experience!

  • Take those Facebook and Instagram worthy photographs to fill your creativity. You won’t be charged for capturing the fun experience. Never hesitate to take that shot and treasure the memory in a picture forever!

Is Sentosa Island a safe place for a family outing?

Sentosa Island is a safe zone for a family outing, worry not! It’s clean, organized and well-maintained for the fun and adventure of everyone who wants to enjoy the island.

Should there be attractions and events that cannot accommodate younger children or people with illnesses, they will be informed in advance. There are precautionary measures set for Sentosa Island.

There are tour guides to assist and guide the trip for the whole family. There are security personnel to make sure everyone is safe and at ease during the family outing.

Learn and check out Sentosa’s promotions and events here.

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