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Our parenthood journey doesn’t end at our children’s birth – we have to take care of ourselves consistently so we can attend to them too. 

The Best 12 Fruits to Eat After Delivery and Some Useful Tips

It doesn’t get any easier after childbirth. Many new mothers experience physical and emotional changes after delivering their child, and so it becomes increasingly harder to take care of oneself and the baby simultaneously.

An example of these changes is postpartum depression, which is described as the rapid drop in a mother’s hormones after delivery. Its symptoms include difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, excessive fatigue, and frequent mood changes. Another example is the body’s adjustment to breastfeeding. Especially for the new mums, thinking about the supply of your breast milk, how to express them, and the like can get stressful. 

Eating right is one of the best ways to alleviate these symptoms, which makes it extremely important that you make the best choices about what to eat. 

Add these 12 fruits to your diet for a healthy lifestyle postpartum: 

1. Blueberries

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Joanna Kosinska

This superfood should be a staple to every mom as it contains vitamin C, potassium, and folate. Eating at least two servings of blueberries every day will give you the energy boost you need for the day because of the amount of carbohydrates it contains. 

2. Oranges

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Stiven Bravo

Also, another great source of folate and vitamin C, oranges, prove to be excellent breastfeeding foods. It’s also an antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and helps your body absorb iron. Plus, it’s easy to eat this as a snack – just take a sip on some of its juice every once in a while, and then you’re good!

3. Apples

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Shelley Pauls

Eating apples every day will give you the right dose of fibre for your daily needs. Moreover, apples have the same effects as brushing teeth – although it’s not a substitute for daily brushing and flossing, eating apples every day helps reduce bacterial growth. 

4. Dates

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Mona Mok

Not only are these deliciously sweet and convenient to eat, but it’s also a fantastic source of necessary vitamins and minerals. There’s even a study that has shown that consumption of dates right after delivery led to a significant decrease in blood loss and haemorrhaging. Dates are a great source of sugar that will give you just the right amount of energy boost as well as calorie and carbohydrate needs for breastfeeding

5. Pineapples

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

When breastfeeding, there will come a point that your milk ducts will become blocked – it’s a natural and common occurrence. Pineapples aids in alleviating the pain that comes from that. Plus, they’re packed with vitamin C and fibre, both of which are very beneficial for you and your baby. 

6. Avocados

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Thought Catalog

Avocados contain necessary vitamins and minerals that provide good fats, fibres, and vitamins. They’re also an excellent alternative for sugar, especially for those who are cutting back on sugary food. Eating avocados will give you sufficient maternal nutrition necessary for breastfeeding. 

7. Mangoes

Fruits to Eat After Delivery


Mangoes will provide you with just the right amount of fibre and potassium to replenish your nutrients for breastfeeding. It’s high in antioxidants, vitamin K, and vitamin A which helps with immunity and lowering the risk of complications such as respiratory infections.

8. Cantaloupe 

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Mitchell Griest

It is highly recommended that breastfeeding moms consume a rough 50 grams of Vitamin C a day. You can already tick that off your daily checklist when you eat a cantaloupe daily. It also helps with hydration, which is extremely important for breastfeeding moms, as cantaloupes have high water content. 

9. Apricots

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Philippe Gonyea

Apricots contain phytoestrogens which have the same function and benefits as estrogen in the body – it helps with milk regulation and producing the necessary hormones to increase lactation. This fruit is also packed with calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and Vitamin A, all of which help with the general health of both you and your baby. 

10. Green Papaya

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Debora Cardenas

Green Papaya is also another fruit that helps with your breastfeeding needs and concerns. They’re a great source of galactagogue which increases milk production and lactation through the boosting of oxytocin, an agent for milk production. Green Papaya is also an excellent source for essential vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, and E. 

11. Strawberries

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Anton Darius

These yummy fruits are not just for dessert’s sake. It’s also packed with VItamin C and has a high water content which helps with a breastfeeding mom’s hydration. Getting enough fluids in your body will keep you from feeling even more fatigued. 

12. Bananas

Fruits to Eat After Delivery

Image From Matthew T Rader

Making sure that you get high levels of potential is exceptionally crucial for breastfeeding moms. It’s highly recommended that you consume about 5,100 milligrams of potassium every day to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. 

Some Tips For Adding Fruits to Your Diet

  • It’s not a strict rule that you should buy fresh fruits when eating. We all know how difficult and time-consuming it is to clean, cut, and cook them, especially when we’re already tired from the day’s activities. Frozen fruits are the best alternative to this! You also won’t have to worry about them going bad. 
  • Mix them with plain greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is a protein-packed staple perfect for any time of the day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Mixing your fruits with this will not only add taste but essential vitamins beneficial for your health as well. For a better alternative, you can opt to choose the whole milk option for the healthy fats it contains. 
  • Mix them with oatmeal. Oats help with milk breastfeeding, so it’s a definite plus for the breastfeeding moms out there. Expect to feel full and satisfied when eating this because they’re also really high in fibre and protein. 
  • Mix them with nuts. If you’re not a big fan of fruits, you can always add them with other healthy snacks such as nuts. They also contain healthy fats and protein, which can give you enough energy boost. They’re also beneficial in terms of metabolism and milk production. 

As a parent, you always have to take into account a lot of things and among them includes your own well-being. What happens to you and your body can directly affect your baby in more ways than one. Try out these 12 fruits to eat after delivery to ensure optimal health for you and your little one!  

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