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Are You Giving Birth Soon?

There are many questions clouding our minds when we are about to be giving birth. There are common questions, and there are deep questions.

Some of these questions regarding delivery require answers that are too scientific, some are merely nonsensical, some are sensible. In this post, we will go through questions you usually think about during pregnancy and your big day is fast approaching.

Preparation before giving birth is very important – and it should be done by you. This is because you know yourself more, and you are the one who can feel what you are going through. There is no one who can do it for you but yourself.

Remember and accept that it’s never an easy stage in your life. You carry life in your womb for nine months, face the pain of bringing forth this life into the world and endure the wounds of this whole process.

Giving birth is blessing another with life – as you were blessed with yours.

Let’s now proceed to answering the questions you’ve been dying to ask about giving birth.

“When it comes to labor, what time do I have to be at the hospital?”

During labor, there is something called contractions. Contractions are the flex in muscles of the uterine. The uterine muscles are the muscles that help release your baby during pregnancy.

Giving birth is getting near when the contractions last for more than thirty seconds and occurs every three to four minutes. This is called ‘active labor’.

When you are in this phase, it is when you need to talk to your doctor and be on your way to the hospital. Make sure you take note of the contractions – time and re-occurrence of each hit of pain.

“Does giving birth hurt?”

Prior to this, you will have contractions. These contractors are painful like sore muscles and cramps. During labor, it would start out as pressure, then a little ache, then pain. It occurs graduates but consistently.

Once you are really ready to give birth, the contractions are more pain and most women say it is a pain they have never felt before. While there is pain, you can choose certain options for a painless delivery with medications and services that would suit you.

“What are preparations I should do a month before giving birth?”

The first thing I would suggest when getting ready for the birthing is packing the hospital bag and processing any paperwork that needs to be done.

Always make sure that you have all the necessary things in the hospital bag first. As for the documents and paperwork, make sure you have made it clear where you will be giving birth. This will give you an edge to complete the paperwork easier and faster.

Don’t forget to pre-wash the baby’s clothes when you are not tired and have a couple of hours to spare. Check your size and the baby’s diaper size and make sure it’s hypoallergenic for both you and the baby’s sake.

Make sure you have immediate family member’s and your husband’s phone number on speed dial, in case you feel like you are already giving birth. It is also essential to have transportation ready for emergency use at all times.

For a better reminder, keep and alarm and a list of the things you need and when you can prepare them. This way, you will not forget any of the necessities and focus on the delivery.

A few days before your due date, make sure you have everything ready by the time you are giving birth.

  • Hospital bag with packed necessities
  • Baby’s clothes and necessities
  • Documents
  • Emergency numbers

“Are due dates accurate?”

Giving birth, for most women, is not done exactly during their due dates. Some women are two weeks early or two weeks behind.

Experts say that the earlier you go for an assessment for the baby’s due date, the more accurate the due date is. Nevertheless, there is only 4% of mothers who actually give birth on their due dates.

“What is a good diet for pregnant women during labor and before giving birth?”

Some women do not eat anything during labor – sometimes, it is advised by their doctor. But, studies have shown that most women do not handle labor well because of the drop in their energy and blood sugar level.

According to Dr. Curtis Mendelson’s hypothesis, pneumonia is caused by general anesthesia, following the delay of emptying gastric in labor.

“Are there food I should avoid?”

There are many foods to avoid when you are pregnant – especially before giving birth. Avoid any raw food at all costs. That statement goes for both fish and meat. Also avoid high mercury fish.

Preserved food and caffeine are not not healthy substances for you, either.

We know you hear this a million times, but also avoid smoking and cigarettes at all. Also avoid any alcoholic beverages. It does not matter how seldom you do it, it is still very harmful for your pregnancy and the baby.

“Are there activities I should avoid?

Being pregnant may give you restrictions from some activities. Especially a few days before delivery, it is not advisable to run or do any strenuous activities.

Do not indulge in positions and movements that may restrict the movements of your baby in your tummy or squash them. Always make sure you are not suffocating your baby or squeezing them inside your tummy.

“What should I pack in my bag, in preparation to giving birth?”

You can pack anything in your hospital bag, anything you think you will need at the hospital. It is okay to over-pack since you will never know when you may need something.

Nonetheless, make sure you always pack these important things: documents, diapers, towels, keys, chargers and change of clothes. As a bonus – make sure you also pack your medication with you, in case you are taking any.

“What can I do during labor to withstand the whole process?”

Do breathing exercises and it is fine to walk from a point-to-point direction. Keep moving and do not just sit down – breathe. It is also a good idea to be in a distracting environment to take your attention away from the contractions.

It helps if you are talking to someone or expressing yourself to someone while you are going through labor. Have patience regardless of what you are going through.

A good tip to ease your pain during labor is actually buying a stress ball – something you can squeeze. It will work wonders.

“Is it normal to have anxiety days before giving birth?”

It is normal for women to feel anxious during pregnancy and delivery. The key is simply to be above it, fight it and come out a victor against your own thoughts.

There will always be worries and overthinking like what if you do not make it? What if you do not happen to be a good parent? What if you could hardly get everything in order?

Every great mother had to begin somewhere. The secret to this is… Just love your child. Listen to them. Support them. Keep them happy.

“How to I prepare mentally for giving birth?”

The trick to being mentally prepared in giving birth is to think positive. You do not have to be strong-willed all the time, but it is important to be smart and wise with your decisions during pregnancy.

Always be obedient to your healthy diet when you are pregnant  – and you will be rewarded with a good labor and delivery. It is important that you always know is best for you.

Giving birth will not be easy – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Be brave anyway. Do it for your little angel.

“What would you tell me if I were giving birth now?”

Breathe. Think about the reason why you are there. Think about who you are doing it for. Be brave and push through what comes your way. Find love in the little angel you will breathe life into.

Giving birth

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Preparation is prevention – and prevention is better than cure. Be ready for your due date months and days ahead. This is to assure you are relaxed before your labor. Giving birth is not easy. Have everything before then to avoid any stress.

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