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Whether or not you plan to be a mum, it’s important to maintain healthy ovaries. We often take them for granted until we’ve developed complications.

Some of the most common ovarian diseases are cysts, ovarian cancer, and PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Moreover, much of women’s fertility depends on ovarian health.

How do I know if I have healthy ovaries?

It’s difficult to keep track of what exactly is going on inside our bodies. Fortunately, there are signs that can tell you whether or not you have healthy ovaries.

Signs of Having Healthy Ovaries

A lot of women experience all sorts of problems regarding their bodies and you may not know that they may be ovarian problems. For example, there are many of us who suddenly experience weight fluctuations, meaning they gain or lose weight very rapidly. 

What are the things you can do to make sure your ovaries are healthy?

Tips to Maintain Healthy Ovaries

1. Drink Water

Drinking enough water can improve your overall health, which will have a lasting effect on your ovaries. Plus, it even promotes clear and radiant skin! 

It’s a common misconception that you have to drink eight glasses of water per day. However, experts suggest that this number may not be right for everyone.

Instead, take into account your weight in pounds. That number shall be the amount of water you have to drink in ounces.

How to keep ovaries healthy naturally: drink water

It may be difficult to stick to this number. Oftentimes, we get sidetracked with other things before we could even think about drinking water. Try to make this a habit and you’ll definitely reap the benefits in no time.

2. Exercise

You don’t have to do a full workout. You can start by walking every morning in your neighbourhood or jogging three to four times a week. Yoga is also a very good option.

Improved blood circulation can help maintain ovarian health because your reproductive system requires oxygen to function well.

3. Proper diet

healthy ovariesSimilar to drinking water, eating healthy food should be everyone’s priority. Burgers and fries aren’t bad if you eat them from time to time. However, on top of that, make sure that you’re receiving all the necessary nutrients for your body.

You should consider including broccoli and leafy vegetables to your diet. Ginger and turmeric have excellent antioxidant properties as well. Among the best fruits for women’s health are those that contain lycopene such as tomatoes, papayas, and guavas.

You should also avoid processed foods if you want to stay healthy down there. Cutting down on sugar will also be good for your ovaries and overall health.

4. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake

There’s nothing wrong with having your daily caffeine fix. However, if you keep downing more than four cups a day, you’ll eventually face problems for your ovaries.

Limit your intake to 200-400mg of caffeine per day. The same goes with alcohol. You have to watch just how much you’re drinking.

5. Stop smoking

Smoking has been proven to have numerous bad effects on our health. List down the pros and cons so you would be more inclined to end this habit.

Tobacco use has been found to be among the risk factors of mucinous type ovarian cancer. Thus, women who want to be mums should avoid them. It can affect their pregnancy as early as the conception stage.

6. Take vitamins

Supplements can also keep your ovaries healthy. You should also consider taking Vitamin D and Omega-3. These can be acquired from various food such as salmon, walnuts, soy milk, egg yolks, and so many others.

In A Nutshell…

You don’t have to be an expecting mother to want healthy ovaries. Keeping them healthy will not only increase our chances of conceiving, but it will also promote an overall healthy living. After all, conception, pregnancy, and overall motherhood is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

If you have more tips for other mums out there, share them with us down in the comments!