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Is conceiving while breastfeeding possible?

Many mothers have been asking about the possibilities of conceiving while breastfeeding. It is not uncommon for mothers to experience infertility in the first few weeks after giving birth.

Some mothers say they find it hard to be fertile, especially during the duration of breastfeeding their baby.

In most cases, mothers tend to ask this question for a different purpose. Some women may use this as a contraceptive method. It is entirely cost-free and it doesn’t require you to go to a doctor all the time.

The reason mothers use this method as a contraceptive is because of the infertility in the period of breastfeeding, or what is commonly known as lactational amenorrhea.

Lactational amenorrhea is a temporary infertility when a mother is not menstruating, and full-time breastfeeding the baby. This method is even suggested in some family planning steps and can be useful for saving time and money.

Conceiving and breastfeeding may be possible, but could be very rare. It is not something that often happens all the time. If it does happen,

How does conceiving while breastfeeding work?

conceiving while breastfeeding

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When a woman has just given birth, there is a period needed for the body to adjust and heal. The duration for the body to heal goes on for about two months. By this time, if the mother is not breastfeeding, the mother’s fertility also returns.

The concept is that the more you breastfeed, the more you will have to be patient before getting pregnant.

The tips and tricks of conceiving while breastfeeding;

  1. Food
    The food you eat defines you. What you eat will always determine the health that you bear. Especially when you just gave birth a few months ago and are planning for another baby soon, it is important to be ready for it. There are different foods that contain certain minerals and vitamins that your body needs. When you gave birth, you may have lost some of these nutrients. In preparation to conceiving while breastfeeding, make sure you make up for the lost nutrients by eating proper meals and eating the right food.
  2. Healthy lifestyle
    Following the need to eat healthy, everything in your life also has to be healthy. The people you surround yourself with, the environment you are in, and the activities you do. Make sure you avoid stress at all costs – stress is a barrier to everything and anything you are aiming for. Stay in healthy place; clean and fresh air is always good for the body and the mind. Avoid strenuous activities and chores that could wear you out easily.
  3. Hydrate from time to time because it is, bottomline, healthy for you. Even if you are not in the process of trying for conceiving while breastfeeding, drink plenty of healthy fluids. Water is good for you in the morning, because it helps oxygenate your organs and wake them up. It is good for staying hydrated all day. It is also good in the evening before going to bed, to replenish your skin, properly keep your body hydrated during sleep and making sure the heart is pumping enough oxygen for the body.
  4. Set appointments for consultations.
    Make sure you consult from time to time with your doctor. They would know better about your history and your ovulation cycle. You can ask for more opinions from your doctor about conceiving while breastfeeding. Professional advice is always the best form of advice you can get from someone who knows your body. If there is information about your health that you think will be helpful to your doctor, make sure you disclose to them.
  5. Lessen nursing in the evening. Your baby is most likely to feed in the evening. Especially if your baby is approaching the five to six months mark, they start to feed more in the evening, when it’s time to sleep and activities are wearing down. One good way to lessen nursing in the evening is to let your baby play and sleep, so you can leave them with the father to avoid calling for a breastfeeding.
  6. Wean babies for certain periods and go on a schedule. One of the best ways to wean your baby is to breast pump. Exclusive pumping is not like exclusive breastfeeding. You can breast pump breast milk and store it. You can give the baby the same nutrients and breast milk but without latching onto you. You can slowly get the baby to get used to baby bottles while feeding them breast milk.
    Another weaning technique is slowly introducing them to other methods of eating and drinking. It could serve as a distraction and a new learning tool for your baby, since they are curious by nature.

Conceiving while breastfeeding may seem difficult because some couples use breastfeeding as birth control. But, it just requires patience and education on what to do to. Most mothers who have tried conceiving while breastfeeding have been successful in doing so.

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