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Women vary when it comes to conceiving.

There are those who seem to hold the secrets to getting pregnant while there are some who have to undergo multiple tries before any success.

For women excited to be moms, it can sometimes be frustrating. You wonder if there are ways on how to conceive easily.

You talk to friends and family, scoured the internet, and here you are. You landed on this post where we are going to talk about your current hurdle: conceiving.

What should you do? What are the things to avoid? Let’s cover it all in this post.

How to Get Pregnant Immediately

Pay Attention to Your Monthly Cycle

Before you make any particular effort in conceiving, it is important to get to know your menstrual cycle first and its major roles.

As you know, women normally experience menstrual bleeding every month.

There are those who have irregular cycles. Nonetheless, it happens and even though it is the bane of our existence (hello, menstrual cramps), we can only be thankful for it.

How to Get Pregnant Immediately: Pay Attention to Your Monthly Cycle

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Menstrual bleeding happens because our reproductive system follows a cycle of preparing the uterus for a possible pregnancy.

If you think about it, it’s actually very amazing.

The start of your cycle is marked by the first day of menstrual bleeding. It lasts from 3-8 days. Those who have it for only 3 days are really lucky, aren’t they?

how to get pregnant fast and easy, menstrual cycle

After the last day of bleeding, your uterine lining starts to turn the womb into an environment suitable for a growing fetus. Meaning, the lining starts to thicken to provide protection and support.

At around day 13, you start to ovulate. Normally, day 14 is the peak of a woman’s ovulation and that’s the best time to get pregnant.

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy: Have Sex Near Your Ovulation

Some women make the mistake of having sex only on their day of ovulation.

To improve your chances of conceiving, you want to have sex as much as you want. It is advised to do it 5 days before you expect to ovulate.

Quit Smoking Way Before You Plan on Getting Pregnant

Let’s get straight to the point: smoking is bad for you. I’m sure you have your own reasons but if you don’t want to have health-related problems later on in life, you better quit.

It’s been found out that smoking can affect women’s fertility.

The harmful chemicals may cause a decrease in healthy egg cells. Some experts suggest that it can also speed up menopause for some women.

For men, possible effects range from erectile dysfunction to the sperms’ lower motility.

A lot of smokers only decide to quit when they’re already planning to have a family. According to experts, this may not be the best mindset as fertility rates in men and women who smoke just get worse as time passes by.

The best course of action is to quit as soon as you can and preferably way before you actually want to have a baby.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

According to experts, too much alcohol and caffeine can reduce your chances of conceiving. You can still drink them but it’s advised that you limit your intake. For caffeine, less than 200 mg can be taken a day.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Diet is often overlooked because we often focus on medical conditions that could possibly be hindering conception. Little do we know there are foods and eating habits that can help us get pregnant.

Fiber and Antioxidants

Foods that are rich in fibre and antioxidants can improve men and women’s fertility. Fiber helps regulate hormones, which are largely responsible for reproduction.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, make sure that no free radicals are free to roam in your body. You don’t want that to happen because they can cause harm to your egg and sperm cells.

You can find fiber and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, and nuts.

Try Other Protein Sources

According to, getting your protein from food sources other than meat can be beneficial if you’re trying to get pregnant. This is due to the fact that there’s a study that links protein from meat to infertility.

Your options include nuts, soy, beans and legumes, and seeds.

secrets to getting pregnant: beans and legumes

Exercise and Relax

Both exercise and relaxation are essential in conceiving.

Exercise promotes a healthier body, which is fit to carry a child for nine months. However, you need to take note that too much exercise can also be bad for you.

This is why relaxation is important. You need to give your body time to relax. Avoid doing strenuous activities because it will only add stress to your body.

Consult Your Doctor

There are some of us who find it better if a professional is there to guide them. But when is the right time to go for a consultation?

You can go anytime.

Even before you start on your attempts, you can already start consulting an expert on what you should do.

Building your own family is definitely exciting. That’s why we’re here giving how to get pregnant tips to mums and dads as much as we can. If you have anything else to add to the discussion, feel free to leave a message below.