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One of the best feelings in the world would definitely be the overwhelming burst of happiness, seeing your mini-human run around your home. It’s a sight to behold!

The tiny toes and little fingers are a blessing to a stressful day. Now, imagine two mini-humans made of you running around.

They bring extra happiness – that means two-times the blessing!

Let me get you started on how to conceive twins by answering questions you have always wanted to ask – but, you don’t always do.

Before we begin, let’s go through the basic knowledge of twins… How do they come by and how to conceive twins?

Facts You Need to Know How to Conceive Twins

We know of two types of twins.

One type of twins is the identical little cuddlers. They are the product of one sperm and one egg, but then decide to split into two.

The other type of twins is the non-identical, also known as the fraternal duo. They have their own placentas and are conceived of different egg cells and sperm cells.

They may, or may not, have the same birthday as well.

With these bits and pieces of information, are you ready to satisfy your curiosity with the most awaited answers to your questions?

how to conceive twins

What are the factors that increase the possibility of conceiving twins?

One of the most common factors of twin conception is genetic predisposition.

There are uncontrollable factors that may already increase chances of conceiving twins – genetics and age. Ethnicity is also another factor that has a role in this matter. 

There are also factors that may take time like your age and already giving birth before.

There are now fertility drugs and infertility treatments you can also consider. There are methods that can help you beat infertility, improve your reproductive health, and get the babies kicking!

While it is not always an assurance, there is a greater chance if there’s history of twins in the family.

Don’t fret just yet! There are other circumstances to consider.

Your age may also play a major role in having twins. Women who are older and over thirty-five years old have better chances at a pair than younger women.

Does my reproductive health have anything to do with my chances of conceiving twins?

Your reproductive health is always a top priority – with or without the plans of conception.

When it comes to conception, reproductive health is an even bigger matter than you think. Complications may open possibilities for infertility.

Sometimes, a healthy reproductive system may even be infertile. Regardless of this, always look after yourself and maintain the priority.

Always make sure to consult your doctor for further information regarding conceiving twins.

What are the chances of having twins if I take fertility drugs? Are they effective?

Fertility drugs are medicines that help you with your ovulation. Having a healthy ovulations is important to produce the needed hormones for a healthy egg.

Using fertility drugs is a huge step forward in conceiving. There are certain fertility medication that has the boost for possible conception of twins.

Disclaimer: The effectiveness of fertility drugs (or, any medication for that matter) is not always guaranteed. The side effects to taking fertility medication may differ, depending on the individual and their health.

What does my diet and lifestyle say in helping me conceive twins?

The factors surrounding this question may be a huge shock!

Women who have higher body mass index (or, BMI) are more likely to have twins than lighter, healthier females. This is due to the extra estrogen being produced. The ovaries release more egg cells than just one.

While this is the case, obesity can also be a complication for infertility and other health issues. This is not on top of the list of suggestions.

There are foods that can help with fertility, and this may be a better way to start if you would like to conceive twins. Alhough, this does not always give assurances. Dairy products and meat are said to be huge factors that may help you in answering how to conceive twins.

Before we get to our final question, close your eyes and breathe. Let go of the tension building in your shoulders. Let go of all the negative thoughts that are clouding your mind.

Last, but not the least….

Did I miss anything? What’s the best advice you can give on how to conceive twins?

Don’t rush. Rushing will wear you out.

Don’t stress. Stress is always bad for you – and everyone else.

The former advice is something you should heed on how to conceive twins. Age plays a good role in conceiving twins, as mentioned above. So, patience will seem like a brilliant idea if you are not half of a twin yourself or nothing is jolted down in family history.

Stressing can lead to many complications that do not just jeopardize fertility, but your overall health as well.

Before the pressure and stress gets to you, it is not such a bad idea to consult your doctor. Keep in mind the help of fertility drugs and infertility treatments for having twins.

how to increase chances of twins

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