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After much deliberation and thought, you’ve arrived at the conclusion that you’re ready to be a mom. So you start searching for ways to increase fertility.

To some women, this isn’t the first time. Yet, it raises similar issues because going through pregnancy once or twice before doesn’t always mean it’s going to get better this time.

So here we are.

In this guide, we are going to give you important pieces of information that will hopefully help you conceive.

We’re going to cover topics such as the female and male anatomies (just an overview), your monthly cycle, how and pregnancy actually starts, and tips to get pregnant faster naturally.

So let’s start, shall we?

How do you get pregnant easily?

Obviously, the sexual organs are the body parts involved in conceiving a child. It only makes sense that we start from here.

Learn more about the Female and Male Sexual Organs

How do you get pregnant easily - reproductive organs

What should you know about them?

The female reproductive system is composed of the vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the pelvis.

How do you get pregnant easily - female reproductive organ

Let’s focus on one part: the vagina.

The vagina may have its own way of maintaining cleanliness, but did you know that there’s something you can do to keep it in good condition?

According to Dr. Suzy Elneil, who specializes in uro-neurology and urogynaecology, diet and exercise can actually promote good vaginal health. Exercising can also tone up your pelvis, which can be beneficial during pregnancy.

When it comes to male reproductive health, there are things that should be done as well.

How do you get pregnant easily - male reproductive organ

One tip: Make sure the part underneath the foreskin is always clean.

Smegma, which provides the penis natural lubrication, can gather underneath the foreskin and as a result, there can be bacteria buildup if not regularly cleaned. This can develop into serious health complications that may affect not just the guys but also the ladies.

The hairy parts are prone to sweat as well. So, the surrounding areas should also be cleaned. This includes the testicles and anus.

Women’s Monthly Cycle

What does it have to do with getting pregnant?


Knowing when you ovulate can help increase your chances of conceiving.

Ovulation and Changes in Every Phase

A woman’s cycle starts on the first day of bleeding. It can last up to 8 days but most women only have to deal with it for 5. The lucky ones only get to experience the pain for 3 days.

After menstrual bleeding, the endometrium starts to thicken to prepare for a possible pregnancy. This happens at around 1-8 days after the menstrual bleeding has stopped. Then ovulation occurs.

What is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

If you have a regular menstrual cycle, the best time to try conceiving is at around 14 days after your last bleeding. You will want to have sex a day or two before and after your actual ovulation day.

How to increase chances of getting pregnant?

Aside from the right timing, there are other things you can look into to be able to conceive more easily. The most important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Stop Smoking

It is advisable that even way before you plan on getting pregnant, you stop this extremely unhealthy habit. Smokers are at a higher risk to different conditions including heart diseases, lung cancer, and so many others.

Did you know that it is responsible for causing 480,000 deaths per year in the US? Aside from causing diseases, it can also affect a woman and her baby during pregnancy.

For instance, if the mother is smoking while pregnant, the baby can develop birth defects. They are also more prone to SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.

Limit Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

Caffeine and alcohol are two substances you might want to avoid if you want to get pregnant.

how to get pregnant - alcohol and caffeine

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There are a lot of studies that look into the effect of caffeine on pregnancy. Some link them to miscarriages while others suggest there’s really no evidence that tells moderate caffeine intake can cause harm. To be safe, experts suggest you limit yourself to 12 oz of coffee per day.

How to increase chances of getting pregnant? How much coffee is recommended

Exercise but Not Too Much

We all know that too much of something can be bad for you. Same goes with exercise.

Studies have found out that those who exercise too much may find it harder to conceive.

This is because the body is experiencing too much stress, which sends the message that it may not be ready for reproduction. As a result, there’s less chance of ovulation and implantation.

Maintain Your Weight

Weighing too much or too little can increase our risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, and so many others. Aside from that, it can also affect your fertility.

That’s right.

Our weight can dictate whether or not we’d have children as it controls much of our hormone levels. This doesn’t apply to women alone. Being overweight can also affect a man’s fertility.

There is no sure-fire way on how to get pregnant.

Some of us have it easy, while others struggle. If you are one of the latter, know that you are not alone and there are a lot of things you can do.

If you have questions or something to share with other mums and dads, feel free to leave a comment below.