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Learning is an essential part of one’s life – especially for the young ones who are widely curious and excited about their surroundings. Eventually, challenges start to occur when learning becomes more strenuous than fun and lively. This is why it’s important to keep your kid interested so they continue to acquire knowledge and maintain intellectual curiosity over the course of their journey.

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In light of the circuit breaker in Singapore right now, we find a lot of parents struggling to figure out how to keep things interesting for their kids at home. Understandably, many of us didn’t have to deal with this before. Previously, we had the help of school teachers and tuition centre specialists. Now, it is all on us to make things interesting and fun. 

stickers for kids

So, we are faced with this question: how do we make our kids learn stuff in a fun and engaging way? Are there tools we can experiment with? At Parenthoodlife, we thought of something so simple yet effective: stickers for kids!  Yes, we are sure that most of us had a phase in life where stickers were our life. They were just so fun! We know this works because incorporating learning with materials that students find interesting and fun can help them retain the information and knowledge they acquire more efficiently. 

The Importance of Fun Learning Tools to Kids

A man once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” It was Benjamin Franklin – one of the drafters for the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution. He believed that knowledge was power, despite the fact that he didn’t have a complete formal education.

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most famous examples of learning through resources and engagement. Even without the opportunity of proper education, he was able to change the world. This is why learning tools are very important in the education of every individual – it’s like your gear, shield and armour in facing the world.

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Utilising fun learning tools is one of the most advantageous strategies to keep kids interested in their studies. For one, it reinforces their visual needs. We know that most of them are visual learners. This means that they need constant stimulus to hold their attention. 

Added to this is the fact that stickers encourage tactile learning. That is to say, learning through physical engagement and movements as opposed to the good old classroom lecture and discussion. These tools support development and growth in different aspects of a kid’s progress in learning. 

By increasing imagination and creativity, the process draws reactions and responses in different ways that would benefit the understanding and comprehension of a kid. From their sensory to motor skills, stickers for kids could be a good start to prompt and feed their curiosity.

Sticker Ideas to Aid Your Kid’s Learning

There are fun stickers that can serve as nice notes and reminders for your kid to learn from. Not only are they filled with substantial knowledge and information, but they are also fun and quirky to keep around your kid’s things. It will definitely fill your kid’s imagination and fuel their interest and creativity. 

Now how can you utilise the countless stickers you can find online?

Here are some ideas.

Embellishing science notes with kids stickers to make them more fun and memorable

As much as we’d like our kids to have fun with their studies, many of them get bored, especially when it comes to their notes. Luckily for us, stickers can make the whole thing more interesting. There are different educational stickers you can get your hands on nowadays. A great example is this collection from Little Learner’s Collective.

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This store has an array of choices ranging from ecology stickers, which showcase the major players of the different life cycles your kid learns at school, to their Material Stickers Sheet that incorporates puns and jokes. I mean they’ve done a pretty good job, don’t you agree? The good news is their other sticker sheets for kids are just as fun too.


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Another one is journaling. Despite how addicted kids are with their gadgets, we know that journaling isn’t dead. There are still so many kids who like to keep their journals or even scrapbooks. And if your kid hasn’t tried this one out, you might want to suggest it to them. This circuit breaker period might just be the perfect time to do it since you’re all looking for fun stuff to do. And don’t forget to add stickers to make it more imaginative. 

Go sticker-happy and let your kids decorate their gadgets

Who said you can only have stickers on paper surfaces? Your kids can go creative by showcasing their sticker collection on their gadgets. This can be done on their laptop covers, the backs of their iPads and tablets, and so many more. Who knows? Your kid might be the one to start a trend at their school where students mix fun with learning and creativity. 

kids stickers

Pro-tip: stickers wear out over time. A good way to prevent this from happening is by using a clear coat skin to protect both the stickers and the device. Also, it will be kind of hard to remove the stickers afterwards, so you might want to guide your kids during the process. Think of this as another bonding activity you guys can share.

Other Learning Tools For Your Kid


Science posters are very helpful in retaining the information your kid learns – may it be at home or at school. Grab a good poster or two – may more, for your kid to enjoy a nice learning environment even at the comfort of your home!

Video Content

Video content is important not only for teaching your kids what they need to learn but, also in keeping them entertained and happy throughout their learning journey. The best thing about audio and visual learning tools is that it will never get old. It will always appeal to kids, and the time can be spent learning with other kids as well.

 A great example is this YouTube channel that upload educational videos tailored to kids.


A good way of testing how much your kid knows and has learned in the past is through the use of flashcards. Incorporating flashcards in their learning process is a nice start to knowing where they are strongest and weakest – it will give an amazing insight into where you should focus on helping your kids. And don’t forget to give them a reward if they do a great job. Clue: stickers. 

Your kid’s development and growth is in your hands. It is an essential aspect of their milestones that you are there to guide them through. Not only will you be able to identify and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, but you can also lend a hand in helping them improve throughout their journey.

What’s your favourite idea for stickers for kids? Liked this article? Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!