It is not an easy job to be a piano teacher. It is one of the most complex professions there is – but, it is also one of the most satisfying. Looking for a piano teacher Singapore is not going to be difficult, but it will be a challenge.

You see, a piano teacher Singapore can always play the piano – anyone can do that. When you have the skills and talent to give, you can be a piano teacher. Some people may even be great players. That doesn’t mean they can be a teacher to others.

Not everyone has the skill and talent to teach. It is important to remember that being a teacher would mean sharing your knowledge to others, and them learning from you. Being an effective piano teacher Singapore would also require hard work and determination – and only a few people actually master this.

Finding the right piano teacher Singapore will be a challenge. Worry not, because there are always those who are unique and stand out.

piano teacher Singapore

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The Qualities of a Great Piano Teacher Singapore

Patient. Piano teachers are patient. They know that no one can go from 0 to 100 real quick. No one is made that way, even a piano prodigy. So, they have to be patient in teaching, especially with kids who will be playing for the first time. Or, adults who have a hard time warming up their hands and fingers.

Skillful and talented. No one can teach if there’s nothing to teach. A piano teacher Singapore needs to know everything from the basic to the mastering part of the piano – or, at least, almost mastering the piano. They need the talent and skills of playing the piano to help their students tackle techniques and strategies in playing.
Without the skills and talent of playing the piano, the product of the lessons won’t be as great as expected. This is because the students will lack certain twists and specialties in playing the piano.

Competitive. When someone sees potential, they see and dream for the potential they see. They will always try their best to help someone reach that level of talent, skill and capability. That is why this would be a good quality to find in a teacher. They would do anything in their power to help your child reach their potential.

Passionate. When it comes to the piano or music in general, it is important to know where a person draws their inspiration and motivation. Or else, the beauty of playing runs out. This is why it is important to have a piano teacher play their music with passion and emotions  – because that is what makes them a rare gem with a distinct sound and rhythm.

Goal-setter. A piano teacher cannot be a piano teacher if they stop learning. It is important for teachers to also set goals, and continue learning despite their “mastery” of music and their desired focus.

Fun. Being respected and professional is a must, especially in a teacher-student setting. But, for the younger students, it is important to keep the fun and enjoyment of learning. This is to replenish the inspiration and motivation of the students in learning and mastering the art.

Meeting a Piano Teacher, Singapore

1. Piano Home Tutor – Grace Lim, Singapore
+65-8196-1664 /

Miss Grace Lim is a dedicated and passionate teacher. She is also very committed to her students and the lessons they need to improve their learning on the piano. She also provides notes for her students to help with memory retention and better learning. The parents love Miss Grace for the patience and kindness she shows her students.

2. Piano Teacher – Evelyn Lim, Singapore
Blk, 238 Compassvale Walk, Singapore 540238

Parents love Miss Evelyn Lim because she is patient, but also very strict when it comes to teaching. Miss Evelyn engages in duets on the piano with the students to give them a little bit of loosening up and enjoying the class. She is said to be very caring and concerned with the lessons of her students. Parents love her as their children’s piano teacher Singapore!

3. Sylvia Ng, Singapore
2 Pandan Valley, Singapore 597626
+65 9220 0516 /

If your child is best at learning in groups, Miss Sylvia Ng is the best teacher for your child. The students of Miss Sylvia love her because it’s never a bore in the studio with her, and she’s patient and kind. She also does her best for each and every one of her students get the lesson. The students also recommend her if others are into group lessons, because she is a very experienced pianist and is an effective piano teacher Singapore.

4. Piano Teacher – Joyce Piano Lessons
Dover Cres, Singapore 133028
+65-8131-8046 /

Miss Joyce was a piano performer, and is a licensed and qualified piano teacher Singapore. She is a very good piano teacher, seeing her students succeed every time. She has been a piano teacher for years, and still have the patience and cheerfulness she has always had.

5. Piano Lessons – Dorothy, Forte Music Training
18 Leicester Rd, Singapore 358847
+65-9111-6321 /

Miss Dorothy Chia is a great piano teacher Singapore. She creates lesson plans for all her students to adapt to the pressure of learning and mastering the piano. She always works hard to see her students excel, learning new strategies and techniques as they master the art of playing the piano. She is patient and loving of her students, always keeping her students’ interest and love for playing the piano.

Always think about your child when you are looking for their piano teacher. It is important that they are comfortable and confident about their mentors. Learning how to play is already a challenge, may their piano teacher Singapore not be one of the weight on their shoulders.

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