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Life has a way or blessing us with happiness when we least expect it. That is regardless of the fact that it was planned, it was prepared for.

Like all of life’s magical moments of serendipity, pregnancy is one of these happenings.

Sometimes, it may come as a surprise. Sometimes, it’s a light in the midst of darkness. Whatever it may be, pregnancy is something that blesses days with a sense of purpose.

How will I know if I am pregnant?

Of course, you will have to start with the most basic procedure in knowing if you are pregnant or not – pregnancy test kits!

In this article, allow me to simply walk you through the usage for pregnancy test kits.

First and foremost, what piqued your mind that you are pregnant?

There are common signs of pregnancy. Some of these signs may also be mistaken for premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

This is why it is not always reliable to just base the possibility of pregnancy on the visible signs and assumptions.

Some signs of pregnancy may include the widening of the hips, sore breasts and morning sickness.

The most common alarming sign would be missing days or weeks of menstruation periods. It would be a good idea to be aware if you have regular or irregular flow.

Mutual signs of pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome are irritated behavior and mood swings.

Again, these signs may even be caused by other factors – like the taking of medications or stress because of the daily grind.

How do I know when I need to use a  Pregnancy Test Kit?

As implied above, the signs of pregnancy may be mistaken for premenstrual syndrome. It is better to turn to reliable ways of knowing if you are pregnant or not, than just jumping to conclusions.

When you need a more concrete result, looking at symptoms just won’t do the trick! That is when you’ll need to secure yourself some pregnancy test kits.

The advantage to using a pregnancy test kit is its accessibility and affordability. They are very easy to use. A pregnancy test kit also gives you the chance to check the results for pregnancy firsthand.

Especially if you are trying to conserve time and save money, pregnancy test kits are always a perfect go-to!

Step 1: Secure yourself three brands of pregnancy test kits.

I know what you’re thinking. First off, “why do I need three brands?” Then, “if ever, do I need to use all three of them?”

To answer these two questions – you need three brands and – yes – you will be using all three of them.

Why, you ask?

This is because when you are pregnant-positive on one pregnancy test kit brand, it could be an error.

Using three different brands and going pregnant-positive on all three – pregnant-positive.

Step 2: It’s time to take your urine sample!

This is the part where you drop a sample of your urine into the small urine pod on your pregnancy test kit.

Most nurses and doctors advice their patients to make sure the urine sample is not the first drop or the last drop of urine.

The first drop of urine has all the toxins. The last drop of urine has the fresher fluid. This may be the reason for the request of the doctors and nurses to have the mid-urine as a sample.

Step 3: Waiting can be tiresome, but you won’t have to wait for long. Give it five to ten minutes!

pregnancy test kit results

Indications for the pregnancy test kit is not that difficult to comprehend.

Almost all brands have the same indications and meanings when it comes to the kits.

Should they not be the same, make sure you refer to their manuals. These manuals are always short and easy to read.

The result legend goes as follows:

  • One (1) red or pink line, or the control line: Negative
  • Two (2) red or pink lines, or the control line and results line: Positive
  • Missing control line: Invalid results

Results are always what what they show. No matter how faint a line is, if the pregnancy test kit shows a positive result, it is a positive result. If it does not show a result line, it is a negative result.

Are you still troubled despite the pregnancy test results?

Always remember that despite the pregnancy test results, you can always consult your doctor for peace of mind. The pregnancy test kit is a tool that can show you results and set your expectations.

Do you have more questions? Is there something you would like us to know? Make sure to drop your comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.