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Using pregnancy test kits for the first time and not too sure what do with it? Here’s a guide on the complete know-how and tips on how to use a pregnancy test kit.

But first, let us start with the basics of the signs of pregnancy!

Common Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Test Kits

Before you even purchase a pregnancy test kit, there will be some signs that will cause you to wonder if you are pregnant.

The signs of pregnancy include:

  • Widening of the hips
  • Sore breasts
  • Morning sickness
  • Missing days of your menstruation periods

However, some of these may be mistaken for premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, is what we experience days or weeks before our period. 

Symptoms of premenstrual period include: 

  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Moodiness

Premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy share many common symptoms. Given that, it’s not always reliable to solely base the possibility of pregnancy on these visible signs.

To know if you are pregnant or not, pregnancy test kits are one of the most common and easiest methods of pregnancy tests.

Guide To Using A Pregnancy Test Kit

pregnancy test kits

A pregnancy test kit gives you the chance to check the results firsthand. If you are conserving time and money, pregnancy test kits are the perfect way to go!

Follow these steps on how to effectively use your pregnancy test kits:

Step 1: Purchase three brands of pregnancy test kits

You can purchase pregnancy test kits at any drugstore near you with prices ranging from as low as S$1.00 to S$28.00.

Whether your pregnancy test kit is branded or not, it will still show you relatively accurate results. The main difference between cheap and branded kits is the amount of information they will provide you. More expensive ones will have more features than cheaper pregnancy test kits. If you’ll use pregnancy test kits regularly, you should consider using the cheaper ones as it gives you a straightforward answer.

This step is crucial for validation purposes. When you test positive on just one pregnancy test kit brand, it could be an error. Using three different brands will help verify your pregnancy. If you’re positive on all three, then you’re definitely pregnant. If one turns out to be negative, you’ll have to take more tests to be completely sure.

Step 2: Take your urine sample

This is the part where you drop a sample of your urine into the small urine pod on your pregnancy test kit. 

Nurses and doctors advise their patients to make sure the urine sample is not the first or last drop of urine. The first drop of urine has all the toxins, while the last drop has the fresher fluid. This is why they request to have the mid-urine as the sample.

Step 3: Wait for five to ten minutes

The pregnancy test kit results are easy to read. In fact, almost all brands have the same indications and meanings. When in doubt, make sure you refer to their manuals, which are just as short and easy to understand.

The resulting legend goes as follows:

pregnancy test kit results

  • One (1) red or pink line, or the control line: Negative
  • Two (2) red or pink lines, or the control line and results line: Positive
  • Missing control line: Invalid results

No matter how faint a line is, the results will still reflect. For instance, if the pregnancy test kit shows two faint lines, it is still a positive result.

Still Troubled Despite The Pregnancy Test Results?

Remember, despite the pregnancy test results, you can always consult your doctor for accuracy. A pregnancy test kit is just a tool for results that can set your expectations.

In a nutshell…

Life has a way of blessing us with happiness when we least expect it. Pregnancy is one of these moments. Although it may come as a surprise, it can also be a light in the darkness. Whatever it may be to you, pregnancy is something that blesses days with a sense of purpose. 

There are common signs and symptoms that may indicate whether you are pregnant or not. Whether you’re expecting or not, pregnancy test kits are some of the most common and reliable methods available.

Make sure to use not just one, but three test kits. Remember, when in doubt, always refer to the the manuals for proper instructions.

Do you have more questions?  Make sure to drop your comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.