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What are the Makes of the Best Breast Pump?

The best breast pumps would include everything from being user-friendly to an innovation that can blow your mind. It is not something that could easily be found, regardless. Always make sure you know what to look out for when you are eyeing the best breast pump.

Knowing what you are looking for in a breast milk pump is an easy task. It would help you choose wisely. Choosing the best breast pump does not necessarily mean choosing the most stylish or the most expensive.

The point of choosing the best item is to make sure it is perfect for you and your baby. The best breast pump should be comfortable, convenient and durable. It should make you feel at ease when you are pumping, and it shouldn’t cause any unnecessary pressure or aches.

Looking After the Best Breast Pump

Hygiene is everything – especially when it comes to your baby and you. Breastfeeding may have the antibodies that can help your baby, but you are not entirely immune to any threats.

It is important to remember to prioritize cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to you and your baby’s well-being. These are some cleaning instructions and tips in taking good care of the best breast pump;

a.) Before you get to cleaning, make sure you take time to scan through the breast pump’s manual. This is just to assure you will be starting off right or to make sure you do not miss out on noted instructions from the manufacturer.

b.) Refer to the manual when figuring out how to disassemble the parts of the breast pump. It is best to get instructions from the manual as the best breast pumps do not always seem to be the same – just sort of similar on their own.

c.) Make sure you have warm water to rinse the washable parts of the best breast pump. Make sure there are no residue sticking to any corner or parts of the breast pump. This may cause future contamination or poisoning.

d.) Always carefully and thoroughly clean the parts of the breast pump with soap and water. Leave no surface untouched and make sure you covered every area. Give it a good five or six minutes soaked in water and soap before properly rinsing.

e.) Time to sterilize the breast pump! Make sure you have hot water prepared. Rinse the parts well with warm water. Leave the parts in the hot water for 10-15 minutes before taking them out. Place them on tissue paper to drip and dry up.

Note: Do not use any towels for the breast pumps because of the particles that may stick to the device. This may cause future contamination as well.

f.) Store the parts in a non-dusty place and keep well.

Now, here are our dose of Best Breast Pump Top 8;

  1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Set

This set is perfect for the mother who has twins or is used to pumping for breast milk multiple times a day. It is important for a mother who pumps regularly, has twins or is breastfeeding more than one child to have a breast pump that can accommodate the rush of pumping.

Price starts at S$439.00

best breast pump

Image from FirstFewYears SG

  1. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Are you a commuting mom? Are you a mom who’s always on her feets and is always on the fast lane? This set is perfect for you. This breast pump runs on batteries and it pumps more breast milk than the other best breast pump you can think of.

Price starts at S$799.00

best breast pump

Image From Mothercare SG

  1. Philips Avent Easy Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

This is the best breast pump because of the convenience it brings to the lives of mothers. Motherhood is not easy, and it never will be. That does not mean you cannot take baby steps, too! This set is perfect for the regular pumping mom – with easy touch buttons, increased milking capabilities and collects every drop of breast milk.

Price starts at S$239.00

best breast pump

Image From Philips SG

  1. Medela Swing Maxi (Double) Breast Pump

The best thing about this breast pump is that it is very portable compared to the other Medela pumps. It is battery operated and is not hard to carry around because of the minimal number of parts needed to used the breast pump.

Price starts at S$399.00

best breast pump

Image From Pupsikstudio

  1. Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump

This is one of the perfect breast pumps to take with you when you travel. It helps you relax on the road since it has a massage cushion for your breasts. We all know how tense we can be while traveling, this might be your best friend on the road.

Price starts S$399.00

best breast pump

Image From Philips

  1. Lansinoh – Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump

This is a great device for low breast milk supply. It is hospital grade and is very convenient and cooperative to a mother’s hygiene. Lansinoh products are also very trusted because of the quality products they produce.

Price starts at S$253.00

best breast pump

Image From Qoo10 SG

  1. Spectra S9 Plus Double Breast Pump

The Spectra S9+ is the best breast pump for a mother who needs light-weight and convenience when she is on the go. The Spectra S9+ is very portable and slim as you can place it in your pocket.

Price starts at  S$318.00

best breast pump

Image From Pupsikstudio

  1. Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

One of the reasons why Haakaa is such a good pick is because it has eco-friendly and medical grade materials. It is also one of the most portable breast pumps you will come across, and it even has suction base!

Price starts at S$29.90

best breast pump

Image From Pupsikstudio

It may not seem like a very significant matter, but choosing the best breast pump for you is very important.

Once you choose the best breast pump, make sure you get to skim through the manual and the cleaning instructions!

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