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During the days of the lockdown, one of the most challenging things to do is helping the kids understand why they cannot head to their favorite hangouts or see their friends for a while. Since it’s not that easy to explain, especially when they are stubborn, the best thing you can do is keep everything interesting and fun for them at home. 

Fortunately, there are things to do in Singapore for kids that do not include leaving the house.

You can always assure your kids a fun and happy environment, even when it comes to learning and developing their love for certain hobbies and interests. It’s going to be pretty hard to figure out what would keep their attention, but it will be a fun discovery for the entire family – especially when they stop asking too many questions about why they have to stay home all the time. 

We’ve got you covered with these things to do in Singapore for kids – we hope this helps lessen your load of worries during these hard times.

Learn These Things To Do In Singapore For Kids

Learning Crochet

Of course, most people would think this is for girls – and girls alone. But contrary to popular belief, it can be for boys, too. The best thing about this activity is that it takes up almost all the time your kids have. And, if you’re lucky enough that they love crocheting, you might actually have them busy throughout the entire quarantine period.

Designing and crocheting ideas never run out for any kid, especially if you stimulate their imagination well enough with creative brainstorming on what to start making.

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With growing digital technology, the quarantine period is definitely the best time to teach the kids coding – or helping them practice their skills. It could be a difficult task to do, but if you’re also in the same IT field and your child also shows promise, show them a product of your work to peak their motivation to continue. Coding can get boring, so make sure that you do pay good attention to your kids learning the skill. 

One of the disadvantages of learning codes during the quarantine period is that it could turn your child’s interest off when they start getting bored – make sure you make it fun for them.

Music Programmes and Video Tutorials

Are your kids showing interest in some musical instruments? One of the best times to learn everything under the sun is now, and you will find plenty of learning opportunities for them to learn what they want. There are online video tutorials, even special programmes you can enroll in, for a good musical experience for your kids.

The best perk of being home during the quarantine period is you have all the time in the world, and so do your kids. They will have all the time to learn notes and chords for their favorite musical instrument. Video tutorials can be reversed and forwarded, and music programmes with great teachers come in very handy in guiding your child through it all.

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Online Programmes for Arts & Crafts

Is your child into arts and crafts? Well, since this is the 21st century, how about let’s take them to the digital world? If they already have the basics of arts and crafts, then maybe it’s time to give them a digital pen and pad and start bringing their art to the next level.

Plenty of people have been working as graphic designers, animators and digital designers, and they are very promising talent when they continue to pursue and master their art. Your child could be one of them, enhancing their skills throughout the process.

The Art of Origami

One of the most substantial skills is learning origami. Many may think it is simply kids’ art, but to those who believe in its therapeutic inspiration, it is an art of structure and critical thinking. This is because origami would be a huge help to kids develop very special mental skills that would benefit their future really well – besides structure and critical thinking, that is.

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Origami helps kids improve their eye and hands coordination, giving them a good run at problem solving and mathematical analysis, spatial skills and memory retention. It’s one of the best ways to improve their capabilities to quickly and precisely make wise decisions even in the future.

Financial Education

One of the most neglected lessons is this: financial education. While it is important to learn at school and learn about life at home, it is also important to learn financially. Many mistakes parents make are always lessons for financial education last. Oftentimes, children start to consider this the least of their problems as well.

Financial education is an important factor in preparing children for their futures since this will be an easy step for them to reach whichever they wish to do in their lives. If as a parent, you were also given fewer chances to get in-depth with financial education, this would be a great way to learn together with your children.

Why Are Home Activities Important During The Quarantine?

While it doesn’t seem like of importance now, it will all soon make sense why the quarantine is essential during the virus outbreak. It’s sudden – businesses will start to make adjustments, kids will start staying home and have no school or social interaction, the household will be complete for a while.

Challenges will arise during these trying times – handling kids dealing with boredom, proximity, running businesses and errands. It could lead to some household issues which will want you to leave the house – it’s best not to.

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The strict rules of the quarantine – or even a total lockdown, would do favors for an entire area, starting with the following:

  • It implements better chances of social physical distancing. Once distancing is put in place, it lessens the threat of getting infected  – or infecting others with the virus. When the virus doesn’t have a new host to spread to, the virus eventually dies in the area it is restricted to, not putting anyone else’s life in jeopardy. The lesser the people who are infected, the shorter the incubation period is.
  • Incubation periods during an outbreak is probably one of the most informative and dangerous parts of the virus. It is informative because of what is learned, how it infects a host, how long it takes to mature if it mutates and whatnot. 

This is why during the quarantine period, it’s much better to work hard on things to do in Singapore for kids than worry if anyone in the household gets sick.

What are your suggestions on things to do in Singapore for kids? Help other parents get more ideas!