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The virus outbreak has been a constant presence in everyone’s lives lately, and it is important that everyone follows the protocol to protect one another from the spread. One of the protocols that need to be followed includes staying home and keeping physical distance from other people who are not part of the household.

This is why we have compiled a short list of activities that the entire family can enjoy even when staying home is a must. Here are some things to do this weekend without leaving the safety of your home!

things to do this weekend

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Things To Do This Weekend For The Whole Family

  • Film Exploration.

Nothing beats quality time in front of a nice screen and enjoying nice films of different genres. Since the whole family will have a lot of time on their hands to enjoy things to do this weekend, discovering new and substantial film genres would be a good time to widen the scope of interests.

  • Re-organizing rooms and unboxing old things.

When you think about it, making some changes at home could be tiring – or exhausting! One of the best things about this activity is that you get to find things you thought you’ve lost, or think you no longer needed when you kept them in a box and hid them.

  • Study and review.

The kids won’t be in school for a while, it would be best to keep their minds eager to learn and develop their creativity through reviewing, studying and practicing their extracurricular activities at home. Studying and reviewing are essentials of a person’s life – even the working individuals. It is important to keep the educational productivity high, considering the whole family will be staying indoors until the virus is stabilized.

  • Hobbies and reading materials surrounding the family’s interests and passions.

You can never go wrong with a nice and fun family classic activity. Especially if it’s in the family’s tradition to do certain things together, now is the time to actually indulge in such hobbies and traditions.

Most families like to enjoy a picnic. Since it isn’t possible to work through that outside of the house, maybe it’s nice to make a small set-up by the balcony or the terrace of the home. If every weekend is a nice time to go for a generous swim, maybe it can be arranged for the kids to enjoy it with a mini pool for the meantime.

  • Keep a journal. 

You can even encourage the kids to do the same.

The best thing about journals (or even diaries) is you keep track of your thoughts – and most probably, the date. Some people may hate staying home, but we all have to admit that we do realize important things when we have all this time to ourselves and our families. It doesn’t matter if you do not open that page ever again, as long as you know it was written when you needed your thoughts on paper.

  • Learn something new.

All this time and you cannot find things to do this weekend? Well, that’s the best window for learning new things! Try out new recipes in the kitchen. Parents and kids can learn calligraphy together, or even how to work on some computer applications. Oftentimes, it’s good to enjoy a simple moment of strokes and styles when drawing – even kids would love this activity!

  • Talk.

Talk. For once, actually talk to your partner, talk to your kids. Actually exchange substantial and meaningful words – actually listen and understand their own words. Communication is everything, but imagine everything with connection – that is the strongest bond between people.

If your kids are curious or worried and feeling anxious about why they have to stay indoors for a while, explain – help them understand the circumstances everyone is going through. It is one thing to improve communication between a parent and a child, and it is entirely a different aspect to help them grow compassionate and aware of the world around them.

things to do this weekend

Image From
National Cancer Institute, Unsplash

The world is changing – at every moment that passes. The best thing that people could learn from the quarantine is that every move, every action should be done with the goal of being substantial and productive – it should also change the world. Make sure to take a mental note of the things to do this weekend. In case you already have plans this weekend, you can use this list as a backup plan to turn to if you changed your minds.

Always remember the importance of staying indoors until the end of the virus outbreak – it is essential that the spread is minimized to avoid risking anymore lives.

What do you think would be the family’s favourite activity to do this weekend in Singapore? What are your kids’ favorite activities? Share your ideas with us to help us improve our articles delivered to you!