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Spend the happiest time of the year at these vacation spots for families! 

Vacation Spots for Families During the December School Holiday

The school year is finally over, and it’s right on time for Christmas! The year is about to end, and it’s full of achievements, whether big or small, that you should reward yourself over. Treat yourself and the whole family to these vacation spots for a merrier Christmas! 

Phuket, Thailand

vacation spots for families

Image From Andrzej Suwara

When you hear the word “beach,” Phuket is one of the first things that comes to mind and why wouldn’t it be? Phuket is among the world’s finest beach destinations, with fine white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas, and lively towns.

Spend your Christmas Holiday in a place that will refresh every single one of your senses. Majority of its main activities also take place in the water. Phuket water sports and activities include sea kayak, surging, snorkelling, wakeboarding, and sailing! 

The area is well known to scuba enthusiasts, but lesser-recognised water activities such as sea kayaking and kite surfing are already growing in popularity! 

On land, you can take your kids to the Phuket Trickeye Museum, which is an interactive 3D painting exhibition offering amazing photo opportunities and great fun for the whole family. You can take wacky photos that you and the entire family can look back on to have a good laugh. 

There’s a lot to do at this vacation spot for families, and they’ll definitely be the type of memories you’ll cherish for a long time. 

Suggested Activities: 

  • Stroll through Old Phuket Town
  • Go island-hopping around Phuket
  • Celebrate traditional festivals with the locals
  • Admire nature at Laem Phromthep


vacation spots for families

Image From Sebastien Goldberg

Myanmar is a land of wondrous nature, splendid culture and traditions, significant religious sites, and is rich in ancient history! It is lush with forests decorating green mountains, and magnificent bodies of water teeming with endemic species, the country is perfect for nature lovers. They also have an impressive list of culture and traditions that mark the life of the Myanmarese. 

The months are packed with exciting festivals, delicious food, and beautiful traditional crafts. The country is also home to important religious sites for Buddhists worldwide.

Experience the spiritual and the supernatural in temples, pagodas and monasteries across the lush landscape. More than its rich recent historical past, Myanmar is home to the ancient Pyu cities as well as rare archaeological finds dating back to the Neolithic period. 

Suggested Activities:

  • Visit the Burmese Cats at Stilt House 
  • Explore the Golden Palace Monastery in Mandalay
  • Learn at the Defence Service Museum
  • Bask in the wonders of the Inle Lake 

Hokkaido, Japan

vacation spots for families

Image From topcools tee

Spend a chilly Christmas at Hokkaido, which is the second-largest main island of Japan, and the most extensive and northernmost prefecture. Interestingly, it’s also the least developed of Japan’s four mainlands. There are a plethora of activities you can choose from such as self-driving, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, bird watching, sightseeing flights, and riding the ropeway. 

One of the main spotlights of Hokkaido is its hot springs. Hot springs are one of the symbols of Japanese culture. Plenty of hot water springing up from the majestic nature is an excellent appeal of Hokkaido. 

Just remember that there are particular manners developed from the long history and heart of the Japanese people loving hot springs. By practising those manners, you’ll be welcomed by other people enjoying the same hot spring bath!!

Suggested Activities:

  • Enjoy the unique theme parks
  • Visit the zoos and aquariums
  • Go on rides at the amusement parks
  • Attend industrial experiences and workshops

Gangwon-do, South Korea

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Image From Bundo Kim

Located east of Seoul, Gangwon-do is a charming region, filled with the beauty of nature. Popular destinations include Chuncheon, a city with many lakes; Sokcho, where you can enjoy delicious foods one after another; and Gangneung, full of various experiences and fantastic sights to see. 

As Gangwon-do is still gradually growing as a vacation spot for families, you shouldn’t take this out of your options for your Christmas holidays. It has also received much attention due to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games that were held in Pyeongchang and other regions of Gangwon-do. Enjoy both the mountains and sea and experience a new and unique landscape with the changing of the seasons! 

They also hold festivals that they are famous for – it was even listed in UNESCO’s Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Gangwon-do has several national parks as well as some natural monuments. 

Suggested Activities:

  • Explore and relax at Namiseom Island
  • Go through the Chuncheon Romantic Market
  • Eat lunch at Chuncheon Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street
  • Swim at Seorak Waterpia

Sydney, Australia

vacation spots for families

Image From Keith Zhu

Seeing Sydney through a child’s eyes is a wonderful way to get a new perspective on a city you thought you knew. Not only is the harbourside city blessed with spectacular beaches and beautiful bushland that beat any playground, but it is also home to museums and attractions that will engage their minds and create long-lasting memories. 

Sydney is the first stop on many Australian itineraries, and for a good reason. It’s an inviting blend of the exhilarating and easygoing. You can find excitement in the city, but drive just a few kilometres, and you’ll hit the golden sand of famous beaches like Bondi and Manly. Plus, with endless nature at its doorstep, the place is the starting point for day trips serving up the fresh air, unique flavours, and locals who know a thing or two about living life to the fullest.  

Suggested Activities:

  • Visit the Powerhouse Museum
  • Go horse riding in Centennial Park
  • Try archery at Sydney Olympic Park
  • Watch a show at the Sydney Opera House
  • Dine at world-class restaurants

Bali, Indonesia

vacation spots for families

Image From felfin05 evin

There is no other place like Bali in this world. The Island of the Gods offers great beaches, countless waves for surfing and wonderful natural sites to visit and explore, colourful ceremonies, and gifted artists. 

There is an unbelievably wide range of hotels, resorts and villas, restaurants and bars, spas, and world-class activities and shopping, all within close distance and at very fair prices. Choose from basic home-stays run by friendly Balinese families, and 5-star beach resorts or luxurious, privately-secured Bali villas with your private pools. 

But Bali is more than that! There is something special that has touched and inspired visitors from all over the world. It has something to do with the Balinese themselves and their warm and welcoming character. 

Suggested Activities:

  • Try the Escape Room Adventures
  • Visit the Bali Bird Park
  • Try Rafting and Canyoning
  • Watch the Devdan Dance Show

We wish you all a merry Christmas at these vacation spots. Comment down below and let us know what you think!