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Treat your kids after two terms of hard work in school at these vacation spots for families! 

Vacation Spots for Families During the June School Holiday

That’s two semesters done, and two more to go! Celebrate these milestones with your kids during the midyear to look forward to what’s coming next. It’s also a great way to celebrate the achievements of the past. What’s a better way to spend the June School Holiday than to visit these vacation spots for families: 

Florence, Italy

Vacation Spots for Families

Image From Louis Charron

Florence is the capital city of the Tuscany region and its most populated city. It is recognised as one of the go-to vacation spots of many tourists as it boasts many architectural and cultural sights so breathtaking that they’ll definitely be one for the books! 

It is also considered by many academics as the birthplace of the Renaissance and has even been hailed as “the Athens of the Middle Ages.” Florence is rich in culture that is exhibited through numerous museums and art galleries such as the magnificent Uffizi Gallery which is one of the world’s top art museums – think artworks by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, and more! 

As abundant as the museums and architectural sights are in Florence, it also boasts parks and playgrounds that your kids will definitely enjoy! The picturesque sceneries, combined with these play spaces, makes for the perfect vacation spots for you and your family. There are public gardens and cast spaces full of forests of trees and shrubbery. 

To cool down, you can find many pools and resorts that tourists and locals alike enjoy going to. Each swimming pool has its own charm and speciality. Firenze Camping in Town, for instance, has low wading pools with soft paddings, an island placed in the middle of the pool, and waterfalls, all of which make for the perfect play space for the kids as the rest of the family can enjoy with them or sunbathe at the sidelines. Another example is Goffredo Nannini Communal Pool, with one of its main charms is its large lawn just beside the pool. 

If your family is a bunch of art lovers and are the type to sight-see, then Florence might just be your next vacation spot! 


Vacation Spots for Families

Image From Filip Gielda

Got ice? Greenland has LOTS of them! If you want your kids to experience the wonders of snow, beautiful glaciers, and more of these icy wonders! Greenland is the largest non-continental island in the world, and yet, its population stands at less than 60,000 – expect to see vast spaces of ice, snow, and greeneries without the equally large crowds!

Greenland would also be one hell of an experience for you and your kids because, aside from its unfamiliar sceneries, especially to Singaporeans, the transportation from one point to another is just as unusual. There aren’t roads as blatant and concrete as the ones we’re familiar with. You would have to ride boats, aeroplanes, sledges, or even snowmobiles to travel between two places! With that, even the transportation part of this vacation spot makes up a lot of the reasons why Greenland is a MUST to go to!

As you travel, you will find mountains painted with green and variations of beautiful wildflowers, fjords and cliffs! You can watch and sight-see the crystal clear skies and breathe in the fresh air. Don’t be alarmed but you will definitely catch sights of wildlife flourishing both in the sea and on land such as the famous polar bears, reindeers, whales, and more! 

If you want to absorb and experience more of their culture, there is the Greenland National Museum found at its capital, Nuuk. It’s not your typical art museum, but rather you will find their culture through hunting equipment, kayaks, carvings, and findings of the lives of Vikings.

The last thing we’ll mention here, and one that you definitely shouldn’t miss when you go to Greenland, is the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. If your kids have watched Brother Bear, then they’ll know what it is! This beautiful natural phenomenon is referred to as the “biggest light show on earth.” 

Cappadocia, Turkey

Vacation Spots for Families

Image From Daniil Vnoutchkov

Cappadocia is another vacation spot for families that is rich in exceptional natural wonders. It has become one of the popular tourist destinations because of its unique geological, historical, and cultural features. This includes historic mansions and cave houses that you can stay at – talk about unique hotel experiences! Natural phenomenon such as sedimentary rocks forming in lakes and streams creates a sight for sore eyes! 

When you hear Cappadocia or search it on Google, you’ll immediately see images of hot air balloons floating in the air with the sunset in the background. Every year more than half a million people visit Cappadocia specifically for this, so rest assured that you’ll get a fun experience of a lifetime. As you float up in the air, what adds to the already magnificent view of the sunset and overlooking sight of Cappadocia is all the other hot air balloons floating along with you with each of their own vibrant and fun designs. 

You will also find a lot of valleys rich in the wonders of nature – forests, oceans, waterfalls, rocky trails, and the like. One of which is the Love Valley Trail to Uchisar Castle. You will be able to pass by tons of rock formations as you follow the trails. This makes for the perfect peaceful walk alongside the wonderful sights of Cappadocia – it’s a landscape you haven’t seen before! Another place you can travel to is the Ihlara Valley. Explore this one, and you’ll find yourself stunned in the midst of the incredible forestry and gorge with a stunning river. Cappadocia mostly consists of dry vacation spots so you can explore the Ihlara Valley to get vastly different experience! You can also even find a waterfall, and yes, you can swim in it!

Prague, Czech Republic

Vacation Spots for Families

Image From Dmitry Goykolov

Prague has earned its reputation for its musical and cultural features consisting of clubs and many music festivals such as the Prague Spring and the Dvořák festival. There are also theatres where famous musicians, such as Mozart, have conducted operas. Now, they are still up and running with their many productions of plays and operas. 

For its cultural aspects, their architecture is also very much well-preserved, which makes up for most of the beautiful buildings in the city. Much of them have lasted decades and decades as seen by its design and not much by its condition as it is well taken care of.

This city is also a kid-friendly vacation spot as it offers spaces for play and entertainment, as well as sights that add to its charm. The Prague Zoo ranks among the world’s top zoological parks, and it’s also one of the top tourist attractions in the city! It’s not only the animals that you and the kids will get to appreciate, but the area in which they are housed is also a sight to see! 

Prague is rich in historical monuments and other unique and cultural features mixed in with modern aspects of today’s generation. All of these together, you’ll get a vacation spot that can cater to each of your tastes!  

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Vacation Spots for Families

Image From Conor Luddy

Playa Del Carmen is one of those cities where you can do nearly everything with your family! Most of its activities revolve around its islands. You get to snorkel under the water for you and your kids to watch the underwater creatures and their natural structures! 

Playa Del Carmen also offers full-day explorer tours where you can explore ancient Mayan ruins by the sea, swim the colourful reefs making friends with the vibrant marine life, and discover incredible caves and underground rivers! 

You can also enjoy a fun dining experience with a theme that kids will definitely love and enjoy. For this one, you can watch entertaining pirate antics, play swashbuckling games, engage in ship-to-ship battle, and also dine on steak, lobster, or chicken. For the parents and other adults, there’s an open bar for all of you to enjoy during an epic evening of adventure! 

For those seeking thrilling and blood-pumping activities, you can go to Playa Del Carmen’s Woodward Riviera Maya, where you can discover your inner ninja! They offer a plethora of obstacles including cargo crawl, hanging rings, singing punching bags, woodward mountains, and more physically exerting exercises! 

All the fun doesn’t stop at night – there’s still the Chichen Itza by Night! At night, you can get to watch the sunset over the iconic pyramid of Kukulcan, enjoy Mexican delicacies, and marvel at the light and sound show that brings the history of the Maya empire to life through colour and music!

Pokhara, Nepal

Vacation Spots for Families

Image From Laurentiu Morariu

For the best of leisure and adventure or simply to relax, enjoying stunning views of the Himalayas as the backdrop, head for Pokhara!

In Pokhara, you and your kids can have the adventure of a lifetime. You can go boating, hiking, pony rides, paragliding, bungee, and zipline while also taking in the gorgeous natural beauty of Pokhara! Flying over the lake is probably going to be one of the highlights of your travel experience in Nepal! Pokhara is also popular as a space for trekking with its numerous trails and expeditions. 

If you and your family aren’t into that kind of itinerary, you can just simply relax at one of the several lakes in the valley. Its picturesque greenery surrounding will overwhelm you with its amazing panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks. The wooden boats painted with various vibrant colours also add to the view! If you look up from your spot, you might just be able to paragliders floating down slowly as well. 

You can take home a piece of Pokhara with you to cherish your memories at their souvenir and gift shops. There are rows of them in the city’s market section – watch out for their crafts because Pokhara is known to produce some of the finest handicrafts in Nepal. 

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Vacation Spots for Families

Image From Brian Kyed

If you’re looking for an escape from the season’s heat, Colombo is your next go-to for this coming school holiday! You won’t be spending as much as when you go to other vacation spots when you go to Colombo. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality of your trip will be compromised! One of the best things about this vacation spot for families is the warm hospitality of the people you get to interact with there. One of the most famous tourist destinations here is the Galle Face Green. It’s lined with many street-food vendors to match your experience with the beach near them! This is the perfect way to really experience and soak up Colombo’s culture, especially when it comes to food! Other cultural sights include memorial halls, museums, and temples, all of which you can visit and admire! 

After going through two terms at primary school, you and your kids definitely deserve to go to these vacation spots for families! Let us know what you think down in the comments because we’d love to hear from you!