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Beat the heat this March School Holiday at these vacation spots! 

Vacation Spots for Families During the March School Holiday

Take a deep breath because the first term of your kids is finally over! Make your first school holiday vacation this year special with these vacation spots for families: 

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Vacation Spots for families

Image From Taylor Simpson

Sentosa Island is one of the most popular vacation spots for families in Singapore, and it’s for A LOT of reasons. There are a plethora of things to do, and every single one can cater to your preferences.

Looking for an adventure that will surely get your heart race? Sentosa Island offers you opportunities for surfing, ziplining, going down huge slides, bungee jumping, skydiving through a vertical wind tunnel, and so much more! 

Hungry, but can’t decide what to eat? There are restaurants of varying cuisines, from American to Chinese to Italian to a lot more! They offer dishes you might be trying for the first time – there’s a bunch of unique and out-of-the-box dishes! Of course, you can’t miss out on the numerous bars that come alive at night as well!

Tired from walking around? You can find spas scattered around the Island, which makes for a convenient and relieving experience for you! You’ll also find that the spas aren’t the same – each has its own theme. Some have a traditional layout, some have a futuristic appeal, while some take on the aesthetic of nature. Take your pick! 

Want to take home Sentosa with you? With their souvenir and gift shops all over the island, you definitely can! 

Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Vacation Spots for families

Image From Annie Spratt

Pulau Ubin is the perfect spot to relax and bask in the beauty of nature – most especially Singapore’s. As one of the few remaining kampongs in Singapore, Pulau Ubin proves to be just the paradise you need away from reality’s hustle and bustle. 

We all have different ways of relaxing – some might prefer to lie down, while others may choose to do some physically exerting activities. Pulau Ubin is a space where you can have the option to do one or both! 

The island has perfect trails for those who love to hike and ride their bicycle around. Whether you’re a serious cyclist or just someone who wants to enjoy the breeze and the sights, there are trails you can go through for every cyclist. Take your kids down to ride their bicycles for a stimulating and engaging experience!

You can also choose to walk around the island and sightsee – there’s so much to view and take photographs of after all! As one of the remaining kampongs, Pulau Ubin offers much to see as if you’re taking a trip down history. There are many old houses restored for the visitors to see and admire. Moreover, you can get a glimpse of what the locals of Pulau Ubin do in their daily lives. Together with this are the vast ecosystems all around the island. Various species of animals and plants make for the perfect fun yet educational experience for the kids – or even you as well! 

Gold Coast, Australia

Vacation Spots for families

Image From Josh Withers

Hailed as Australia’s favourite playground, Gold Coast offers a wide array of amenities and features that definitely earns its reputation. There’s so much to do, and its reputation as a playground extends over to every parent and adult’s entertainment. From roller coasters to wildlife sightseeing to sports and recreation to shopping to restaurants and many, many more – you’ll never run out of things to do at Gold Coast for sure! 

You can’t miss the amusement and theme parks located in the Gold Coast. This is especially perfect for a family getaway because of the wide range of ride options you’ll have. Kids can get on cute and bouncy rides and also get ice cream afterwards from stalls at every corner. For those adrenaline junkies, Gold Coast also has adrenaline-pumping rides to get your blood pumping – sky-high ziplines, V8s, and more! 

You can also find museums housing numerous art pieces and performances ranging from music to theatre. Alongside the fun rides and food stalls, you and your kids can have an educational experience through art and culture! 

Gold Coast is also famous for its beach! You can swim, surf, ride bicycles on the boarded sidewalks, and just bask under the sun!

Taipei, Taiwan

Vacation Spots for families

Image From Vernon Raineil Cenzon

If you’re looking for a hassle-free and memorable experience, you might want to add Taipei to your bucket list for this coming March School Holiday. It’s hassle-free because you wouldn’t have to worry about applying for a visa – Singaporeans can visit Taiwan without a visa for up to 30 days! Given that, it’s also memorable for a number of reasons. Taipei is full of vacation spots rich in their culture – memorial halls, museums, local streets, night markets, and more! 

Taipei is especially perfect for those families who want to have a breath of fresh air and to see new sights. You can find old streets that are lined with equally old buildings that date way back to ancient dynasties. You’ll be able to tell their old age by its appearance – it’s apparent that it hasn’t been touched by this era’s rapid development in technology. 

Take a deep breath of fresh air in their natural vacation spots such as waterfalls, forests, and beaches. Aside from it being definitely Instagram-worthy, the natural sceneries make for the perfect getaway for you and your kids from work and school. 

Ipoh, Malaysia

Vacation Spots for families

Image From Alfred

Another vacation spot for families is Ipoh, which is literally less than an hour away via a plane ride. If you’re still looking for a place to spend the school vacation and there aren’t any more available aeroplane seats or the prices have spiked up high, you can have your next vacation here! Ipoh is gradually growing its reputation as a tourist destination, and we can definitely see why! It’s one of the old towns in Malaysia that is rich in culture and history that you and your kids might find interesting. Cultural sights range from museums and temples to natural sights like caves and limestone cliffs. Aside from that, you can also catch a glimpse of what Ipoh was when you take a stroll through some of the streets – you will find gorgeous street murals and local stalls. The best thing about Ipoh, as you take all of these into account, is that it’s a mixed experience of city life and the countryside – get the best of both worlds! 

Osaka, Japan

Vacation Spots for families

Image From Agathe Marty

Osaka is one of the most kid-friendly vacation spots you and your family can go to! Your kids will definitely love you for this – there are many parks with cute and famous characters that they might know from the cartoons they watch. Not just that, Osaka is also filled with museums and other educational spots that are both stimulating and engaging in many aspects. You will get a firsthand look at the culture of Japan through cultural sights like castles, temples, and even their parks! There are also spots for kids who are a little bit older for cutesy characters. You can visit and play at Osaka’s famous arcades. Of course, you can’t miss out the shopping scene in Osaka – even your kids will enjoy this part! There’s a bunch of craft and hobby stores that accompany Osaka’s child-friendly attractions – just be prepared beforehand for when your kids beg you to buy something! 

Athens, Greece

Vacation Spots for families

Image From Kylie Docherty

This is a much farther vacation spot as compared to the previous ones in this list, but it’s definitely worth the distance! You will find ancient ruins, villages painted all white, beaches, and restaurants known for their tasty dishes and friendly atmosphere. 

Given all of that, Athens proves to be the perfect picturesque vacation spot for families. There are scattered islands you can go to and explore, and no one island is the same. Each one has their own charm and cultural delight to offer you as you visit them! This might seem like it’s too “boring” for kids, especially when their heart desires places with thrilling rides, tasty food stalls, and vibrant toys. But, in Athens, your kids will be introduced to a different kind of entertainment – the old ruins and cultural sights are jaw-dropping enough that they will enjoy the trip as well. Some of the sights are also physically exerting to manoeuvre through!

Found your vacation spot for this upcoming March School Holiday? Let us know what you think below in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!