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Too hot? Visit these vacation spots for families and soak up and chill under the sun!

Vacation Spots for Families During the September School Holiday

Three terms down, one to go! Avoid the risk of burnout and exhaustion by treating your kids to a much-needed vacation. Spend the September school Holiday at these vacation spots for families: 


vacation spots for families

Image From Ishan @seefromthesky

The Maldives is made up of a thousand and two hundred islands, all different in their own unique ways. The archipelago is made up of 26 atolls, rings formed of islands and reefs of varying shapes, depths, and sizes that present hues of blues, turquoise to indigo. At just one of these islands, you can get to experience a lot more than just a walk at the beach. The Maldives boasts tons of facilities and opportunities for you and especially your kids to fuel their sense of excitement. They offer excursions that you can choose to do for a full day or just half a day. Regardless, you can get to see and experience sandbanks that dazzle under the sun, snorkelling over pristine reefs, and exploring local island towns! 

Whether you prefer to do activities on land or water, Maldives offers you options where you can choose one or both! You can go night fishing, dolphin watching, and even swimming with whale sharks and mantas. You can also play beach volleyball, tennis, and badminton! Of course, we can’t leave the kids out – they can enjoy themselves at the child play areas and other fun activities in many of the resorts! 

Suggested Activities: 

  • Surfing
  • Dive with different species of fish
  • Savour local food


vacation spots for families

Image From MadeByMorgan

Can’t decide what exactly you want to do this school holiday? In Croatia, you can take your pick from the range of options they can offer you. Dive into one of the ecologically best-preserved parts of Europe since 10% of the country is protected. Feel the energy in this green paradise with a privileged climate and a unique fauna. 

For those extra active ones, Maldives is full of trails and bike routes for you to explore! From the macadam field trials ideal for mountain bikes to the asphalted roads for family sightseeing, in Croatia, you will find a wide variety of ideal trails for everyone’s taste, amateur or professional! Ride through astonishing landscapes, follow the numerous wine and gastro routes through stunning vineyards, and you can always take your bike with you for an unforgettable visit to the Islands!

Their food is also one of the best things you should look forward to. Explore the diversity of Croatian cuisine and discover its wonderful specialities! Let your taste travel across centuries of tradition and relish every moment!

Suggested Activities: 

  • Ride bikes
  • Rafting
  • Skiing
  • Canoeing & Kayaking

Scilly Isles, UK

vacation spots for families

Image From Annie Spratt

The Scilly adventure starts as you hop from island to island by boat, experiencing many natural wonders – basking sharks, seals, dolphins and a multitude of rare birds. Some visitors crave the deep sense of tradition, immersing themselves in history and myth. Others come to walk, cycle, sail, or enjoy the heightened creativity of island life through painting, photography, or crafts. Many love to lose themselves in the sights and scents of the sub-tropical plants and flowers that give Scilly its distinctive landscape, and everyone can savour the flavour of fresh seafood in beachside cafes and local ales at a traditional pub! 

Scilly gives you space and freedom to do anything – or next to nothing – in a breathtaking location that enjoys the mildest climate in the UK. 

Suggested Activities: 

  • Stargazing on Scilly
  • Join a guided trip
  • Horseback riding
  • Go to theme parks and on-tap entertainment

Galway, Ireland

vacation spots for families

Image From Gabriel Ramos

Galway is an old city, steeped in history with an interesting past. From medieval streets to modern thoroughfares, there is much to see and do in Galway as regards times passed.

Galway boasts the right attraction for kids to play at. Brigit’s Garden is a Celtic garden that is themed on Celtic seasonal festivities with a nature trail, ogham tree, children’s discovery trail, living willow play area, and an ancient ring for which all of the family can enjoy. Another one is the Burren Nature Sanctuary which is a popular family attraction – you can spend time exploring winding tracks of the fairy woodland trails. Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of friendly animals. Kids can also play in the indoor play area or outside at the state of the art playground!

Whatever your choice of holiday activity, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Galway. From refreshing walks along the startlingly beautiful coastline to cycling through lush countryside, there is a range of adventure activities to suit everyone. 

A tight budget does not mean slim pickings when it comes to good food in Galway City. You can graze your way around the city’s medieval streets and still have enough money left over! 

Suggested Activities:

  • Horse Riding
  • Paintballing
  • Karting
  • Shopping 

Loire Valley, Paris

vacation spots for families

Image From Dorian Mongel

Loire Valley isn’t as big as the other destinations listed here, but the tours around this magnificent valley make up for that. The Loire is famous for having beautiful castles perfect for a stroll and sightseeing. The landscape matches the royal castles with its manicured gardens all over and even perched on the lakes. You can walk around its villages and vineyards, and take a sip of their world-renowned wines produced in the Loire itself.

Suggested Activities:

  •  Join a group tour of the Loire Valley
  • Try wine-tasting (Only for the parents!) 


vacation spots for families

Image From Humphrey Muleba

Whether you’re up for a fun adventure, a moment with the wildlife in Zanzibar, or bask in their culture and life, Zanzibar offers opportunities for you to do one or all of them! Whatever your preference is, rest assured that you will find something to do in this vacation spot for families

The sea of Zanzibar is calm for most of the year, and it is ideal for waterskiing and wake-boarding. It is also an excellent place for kitesurfing as they have the perfect conditions for beginners and more experienced kiters. There are also various tours you can take to explore Zanzibar, one of which is the city tour. It takes you around the capital town to experience historically, culturally, and architecturally rich Islands of Zanzibar. They also offer tours for nature and wildlife. Their Butterfly Centre is the most massive butterfly enclosure in East Africa, and its tour can take 30-40 minutes! More wildlife includes the Pemba Flying Fox, dolphins, and the  Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey. They also have events and festivals you and your family can attend and have fun at such as the Zanzibar Beach & Watersports Festival which is a three-day annual event festival celebrating beach live, culture, and music!

Suggested Activities: 

  • Paragliding
  • Cycling & Mountain Biking
  • Go to their Cultural Tourism activities
  • Visit museum and monuments
  • Ride the Balloon Safaris 

Corfu Island, Greece

vacation spots for families

Image From Mikulas Prokop

With time the island may have changed, but we can still feel the spirit of a distant glorious past. Its rich multi-cultural heritage, its historic monuments, its stunning natural landscape, its crystal clear seas, and its excellent weather all year round explain why Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean destinations weaving a powerful spell on its visitors! Most of its vacation spots are popular especially for day-trippers, and so they do tend to get busy in peak season. There are many other attractions, such as a 13th-century monastery with a courtyard garden, church, and small museum. Corfu Island, being, of course, an island, is also famous for its beaches. A long stretch of fine beach sand makes up most of these beaches along with cafes and water sports facilities such as jet skis, pedal boats, and banana boat rides.  

Suggested Activities:

  • Visit The Museum of Asian Art
  • Take beautiful photos at the Kanoni
  • Walk around Splanada
  • Explore Corfu Town
  • Go fishing at Kassiopi

Already know where to go? Plan your next vacation spot right now to secure your stay! Let us know what you think down in the comments!