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Are you all set where to go with toddlers in Singapore?

There are certain times when children are not easy to handle – especially when they are at the age of curiosity and explorations. What actually are the questions we need to ask? Well, for starters, let’s go with – “where to go with toddlers in Singapore?” Then, we need the locations and the things we must have knowing we have the toddlers with us.

Remember that being a parent is a huge responsibility, especially when you are not in the comfort of the home. Once you step out of the house, you have lives that depend on you. Safe, child-friendly and fun places are your top destinations on where to go with toddlers in Singapore.

Would you like a piece of advice where to go with toddlers in Singapore?

Go to places that are baby-proof, places where you can let your child roam and run freely without the fear of getting hurt or getting lost. It is not always easy to find places like this, to be honest.

Yet, there are places that can have a little bit of those two benefits. Use it to your advantage – to rest, to just walking and following your child as they explore and learn from their surroundings.

We have the best suggestions for you! Here are some places that would be perfect where to go with toddlers in Singapores:

  • Singapore Botanic Garden
Where to go with toddlers in singapore

Image From Big Bus Tours

Inhale the flora of Singapore’s Botanic Garden. It’s a great place for toddlers to enjoy the fresh air, and learn more about plants and how they come to be.

Pets are allowed and can be unleashed at the Botanic Garden. It is also a junction with plenty of railway stations so commuting is not a hassle to and from the place.

  • Keppel Centre for Art Education, National Gallery, Singapore
Where to go with toddlers in singapore

Image From National Gallery SG

This is the part of the National Gallery you should put on your list when you are thinking about where to go with toddlers in Singapore!

The Keppel Centre for Art Education is the newer part of the National Gallery in Singapore for the younger toddler souls to dwell and develop their imaginative knowledge and creativity. The National Gallery, itself, has many sections that can be explored by everyone of any age at any time.

  • The City, Singapore
Where to go with toddlers in singapore

Image From The City

The City offer quality activities in role-playing and career practising for children to explore their passions.

The City offers role playing for children as doctors, chefs, teachers, nurses and many more professions. It is a good opportunity to bond with the kids and show them how to use certain things in the toys the kids will be playing with.

Children can very much practice real life even in the absence of a classroom.

  • Haw Par Villa
Where to go with toddlers in singapore

Image From Rayna Tours

Haw Par Villa used to be Tiger Balm Garden and is a park for everyone! What can you find here, you ask? There is art, rich stories and tales of a time gone by, and animals of wonder.

Haw Par Villa should be on your list of where to go with toddlers in Singapore, because both children and adults can benefit from the tour.

There are many things to know about the Ten Courts of Hell, The Denizens and their legendary tales, and the rich inspiration of architecture.

  • Singapore Discovery Centre
Where to go with toddlers in singapore

Image from First Stop SG

When you want knowledge, knowledge will be handed to you here. This is a great way to expose toddlers to futuristic environments with lessons of the past in the same place.

There is an art gallery, a museum, interactive displays and play areas for everyone of any age to enjoy. There are activities to participate in – both indoors and outdoors.

Some activities are good for groups, so it’s a good idea that the whole family would be out and about with everyone!

  • The Singapore Zoo
Where to go with toddlers in singapore

Image From Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The zoo will forever be part of a child. It will be one of the places that will fill their minds with knowledge and imagination and dreams. No childhood will be complete without the zoo. Take them there and cease to doubt if this should be on your list or not.

At the Singapore Zoo, you can walk with them as you help them understand and learn about the species presented before them.

Make sure that you let them know about the signs that require extra precaution. Especially when the kids are having fun, they tend to put their hands through anything and run around. Make sure they know the danger zone and understand the safer parts.

Toddlers may have very short attention span, but they are very fast learners. They can absorb information really quick, so taking them out on a field day is an amazing idea.

It is always easy to figure out where to go with toddlers in Singapore when you know what would be fun for you toddler and the whole family as well. Keep in mind that you must always put your child’s well-being into consideration where you go and what you do.

We have one more place on where to go with toddlers in Singapore!

For more suggestions, we have decided to add one more subject in where to go with toddlers in Singapore. It is just right that we add this one as it really does deserve to be in this list.

  • Gardens by the Bay
Where to go with toddlers in singapore

Image From The National Museum of Singapore

This vast and beautiful garden is just the most perfect place to enjoy a moment of love and togetherness with the whole family. Toddlers would definitely enjoy this moment, especially in the early evening when the light start to light up and light on throughout the garden.

Toddlers love the awe and various lights they see – and will be amazed and entertained. Take a walk down the conservatories and Supertrees. Have a trip down through the garden by the skywalk. This is definitely where to go with toddlers in Singapore!

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